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CM’s Silence Is Deafening!

on October 11, 2018

It has been a while since I last heard from CM (Class Mate).

I will usually get daily updates of his cuisine of the day and I assure you, it is an extensive menu of sorts starting with Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!

I do admire CM’s quest for food and as I looked back at his treasure trove of food treats he sends me through Whats App, I smiled at the antiquated local treats below.

  1. Below in styrofoam box from top to bottom: Tow Sar Pia (Teochoew pastry with mung bean filling that is sweet and salty) and Ang Ku Kueh (sticky glutinuous rice flour skin that encases mung bean sweet filling or red bean paste (red colored ones). The grey colored ones is usually either sesame paste or yam paste. Ang Ku Kueh is often eaten at auspicious events such as new births or weddings.
  2. The brown biscuits in a transparent plastic bag is what I call “elephant ear” biscuits. It is again a local delectable treat with a hint of savory cinnamon taste that is eaten with tea or coffee.
  3. The third item is the yellow round cake in a plastic bag. This is a bean pancake type treat that is slightly sweet.

CM had visited a hawker stall call Guan Yin Vegetarian to buy these treats. Guan Yin is the chinese translation of Goddess of Mercy and vegetarian stall holders would almost usually use this Goddess’ name as a brand name to their little stall.


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