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Somewhere In Dallas, Texas…X’mas Decorations Are Up!


Silly Me!

If you are reading this blogsite of mine for the first time, I fractured my little toe and foot plate some 2 weeks ago. Doc says it will take 6 weeks to 3 months for it to heal.

Well, guess what, I banged it again, against a hard stool and boy oh boy, does it hurt!

There is a saying…the more careful you try to be to protect an injured part of your limbs, all the more you will hurt it!

Ahh well, I will live. Afterall this is nothing compared to major surgeries that I have undergone.

I read that a local neurosurgeon who separated the Siamese twins has now performed surgery on a Vietnamese girl who was born with a deformed cranial, whereby a part of the brain is exposed. The brain has pushed so far out that this poor little girl has no facial features and pressure from the brain is causing her eyes to close.

The other person who is doing the next part of the surgery of reconstructing this little girl’s face is a plastic surgeon and used to live in the same building as I. Unfortunately, his wife and he had such a huge fight as each claimed the other had a lover on the side.

I remember the acrimonious fight they had and the same surgeon moved out, leaving the wife (no ex wife) and children behind.

He was particularly snooty as I remember him and he is not at all kind. He does not believe in acknowledging the presence of others and will only speak when he is paid as a doctor. I did not like him.

So, I am surprised he is chipping in. Of course they are both paid handsomely to do the job as the poor mother raised the funds for the operations.

I am disappointed that he was the chosen plastic surgeon as he is not the kindest of man and I am sure he will charge an arm and a leg. I hope the mother of the little girl has deep pockets to get continued care from him.

Perhaps the trouble he encountered with his ex wife has changed him for the better.

Perhaps he has found compassion and know how to give empathy.

I hope so, for the sake of the little girl.


Socket Woes


Miffy Poses #4 – Squinting

Did you saw something? I am all ears…


Jesus Looking At Time Passing By?


Changing Of Times

See no evil, hear no evil and say no evil have given in to smart phones and androids.

My car’s gears are on my steering wheel and I have what they call ‘paddles’ to flip for 9 gears! 9Gtronic they call it. When I first started driving it was 4 gears.

It then bumped up to 5 gears.

Before I knew it, it was 7 gears.

Today my car has 9 gears with eco or sports functionalities.

What do I know…I just crank it up and the intelligent car just drives with my foot on gas pedal.


Sweet Paddy’s Joke


Almost Friday…

I am tasked to organise this year’s Christmas Party.

I will need a tree.

Monkey Lord says no budget for me just get it done.

Whoo hoo…this is ME.


I zoomed in on the posh and exorbitantly priced degustation menu.

Spare no cost! I squealed in delight.

Live carving station…lamb and beef.

Free flow Heineken and Tiger draft beers. 5pm is the witching hour!

Dom Perrignon champagne to toast an chievement of $500 million in order books…red and white house pours…free flow.

Chocolate log cakes, Christmas Stollen, fruits, turkey ham, sausages, Japanese food and or Christmas fare.

Door gifts….each guest gets one. Suggestions came fast and furious..umbrellas!

Thermos mugs.

Foldable bags…

I called 3 hotels…

Goodwood Park Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel and the Hilton were my top choices as our Istana parties comprised these 5 star hotels!

My good celebrity chef is also trying to bid for the job.

Durians is a must says Monkey Lord. Ok…provided it is still in season, I mused.

I cannot control weather and how fast these durians will drop between now and mid December.


Obscenely Large Mars Bar….Brexit Woes Averted?

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