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Almost Friday…

on November 29, 2018

I am tasked to organise this year’s Christmas Party.

I will need a tree.

Monkey Lord says no budget for me just get it done.

Whoo hoo…this is ME.


I zoomed in on the posh and exorbitantly priced degustation menu.

Spare no cost! I squealed in delight.

Live carving station…lamb and beef.

Free flow Heineken and Tiger draft beers. 5pm is the witching hour!

Dom Perrignon champagne to toast an chievement of $500 million in order books…red and white house pours…free flow.

Chocolate log cakes, Christmas Stollen, fruits, turkey ham, sausages, Japanese food and or Christmas fare.

Door gifts….each guest gets one. Suggestions came fast and furious..umbrellas!

Thermos mugs.

Foldable bags…

I called 3 hotels…

Goodwood Park Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel and the Hilton were my top choices as our Istana parties comprised these 5 star hotels!

My good celebrity chef is also trying to bid for the job.

Durians is a must says Monkey Lord. Ok…provided it is still in season, I mused.

I cannot control weather and how fast these durians will drop between now and mid December.

7 responses to “Almost Friday…

  1. juliehcares says:

    No budget??? I want to go to that party!

  2. Kris says:

    I love planning parties!!!! Chocolate fountains and (actually, I bought a large one of those when I used it all the time..haven’t used it in years, but maybe someday I will again!) lots of beef and pork and not much seafood and stuff on skewers and gifts and confetti (the 29th is national confetti day!!) and I so wish I could be your minion!!!

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