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My “Unholy Trinity” – Me, Myself & I

on January 10, 2019

I have been simmering with frustration since last weekend and seething with anger by Monday!


What brought it on?

I feel like this Mission Impossible Mouse!

Eunuch’s been overloading work on me. When he asked for my work plan to show what I am doing, I decided to erupt like Anak Krakatua.

Instead of molten lava or spewing ash and fumes plus cinders, words flew ad nauseaum in 2 emails to him.

If you are a smooth operator, it is the gift of gab that one has. Eunuch has this.

If you are operationally adept, then you understand work flow. This is me.

I hit Eunuch hard as he was clueless about how payroll is done for 200 pax in 4 different countries.

Yes, I use a software but it is not just the push of one button as he imagines it to be.

Resignees, mid month joiners, social contributions, claims, pensions, taxes etc. Ms Feisty is tied up 3 weeks in a month doing this and has no spare time to help me.

Ms Recruiter is up to her eyeballs with arranging for interviewees as we need more than 100 new hires.

Haggling of offers and counter offers, job ads, interviews, sieving through applicants, paperwork for letter of assignments, orientation etc.

So when he wanted a work plan, I threw up 38 items for 12 months and that these are large scale events. I told him, this is to be done me, myself and I – the unholy trinity!

I lashed out as I was working 7 days a week from 6.45am till 7pm (*I try to leave latest by this time).

I felt unappreciated.

I felt distrusted.

I was sad.

So today he sat me down to clean up the mess he made out of me.

I am glad.

I now have reprieve.


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