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True Meaning Of Things

Love is about Tolerance.

There are the hopeless romantics who may send a floral bouquet that is so huge that it takes 4 men to cart it to the truck for delivery.

Of which the practical men will chime in and say that the man must have done something wrong and is atoning for his wrongs.

There are the practical romantics.

When we age, we depend on others.

For the married, spouses support each other and if they have children, their children will walk them through old age.

Love is is in the air?

And how do we die? With spouse saying….

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Why We Need Preservatives In Food?

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And So The Story Goes #93 – The Haunting Begins

After finding me at the law firm, MR EX began his haunting.

He was a client at the law firm where I worked. I held a senior position and like all legal eagles, I learnt to behave and conducted self with a stiff upper lip. (* I was told for seniors, more like a stiff upper hip LOL)

I controlled self from rolling on the floor with laughter as MR EX worked feverishly to get me to laugh, loosen up and though I laughed inwardly, I behaved coldly towards him.

He was a good distraction in that he delivered free laughs and it kept me going.

By now, I was estranged from my family and I had bought my own roof over my head, paying mortgage. I worked hard and my career soared.

I moved on to the booming oil and gas sector and climbed even higher up the totem pole of career and it so happened that his company won the bid for a tender to provide services to our people.

MR EX was happy and upped the ante to show his presence. I ensured that meetings were chaired by my underlings.

By now, MR EX was quite sure he will not leave me and kept asking me to wait for him.

“Give me 5 years to sort out myself” he said.

I ignored him as I always discounted 50% of whatever he said.

He is a glib talker and with his tongue, he won businesses and became a formidable giant in his field.

Despite all that publicity and fame, he did not let up the hauntings.

In fact he promised me that even in death, he will still haunt me.

To which, I asked, in life we are not together, what makes you think in death, we will be?

His glib retort was that in next life, we will still be together!

Thank you very much I ticked him off – not in this life, next life or afterlife!

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The Dream That Got The Pie

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Price Of A Belgian Ass


Garfield, I Shrieked!

Garfield, I shrieked,

Bent over, face on pillow – I freaked!

Crib death, my hackles pricked,

Don’t shriek, don’t freak!

Garfield is afterall, my inanimate furball – truth is leaked!

I woke up at 7am, thinking I could take mum out for a long leisurely lunch after her blood tests.

Blood tests all good! I was glad!

Onward ho to lunch?

No way Jose!

Dad had to show me that he was written to by cable company that his credit card debiting function failed!

If his bill was not paid, he would lose receiving cable TV, wifi connectivity and voice over internet phone.

Off I raced to get to 7-11 to pay the bill first and updated his bank book to ensure he continues to receive TV, telephone and wifi.

Then I drove like a mad monkey to his bank located in the west.

He had previously used his credit card to operate an ATM, causing it to be blocked.

He did this before as he is, afterall loopy and refuses to try and help self.

Bank manager checked and said all was good, no issue with his cards.

Next step call the cable company to find out why.

I was told loopy dad went to complete a form with a totally incorrect credit card number to ask the cable company to “update his records” – the correct card was superceded by an errorneous one!

To correct this, I was to go to a branch to sort out.

Off I drove like a loon to the airport some 45km away as I remembered a unit of the cable TV company there.

Why oh why?

Loopiness at work is why!

On reaching there, I was told to go to another branch located 10km away as the one at the airport does not have this service.

By now it was 2.30pm. We were famished so we stopped to eat first.

Then onward ho!


Next step drive them home so that I can sort dad’s meds for the month.

At 6.30pm, dad flourishes his income tax form for both mum and him.

By 8pm, all sorted out. Forms filled and I had to post the 2 forms.

120 km later and 8.30pm I reached home.

Laundry and eating a pork bun for dinner, I wrote this to vent.

Tired! Good night! Almost midnight.

Need to be up as usual by 5am for work.


Team Building Event On Saturday Part 2

We engaged a speaker to do an hour’s talk and I had selected this speaker as I knew he was good and capable of delivering a talk to motivate the colleagues.

I called this speaker as I knew he can be quite a drama mama!

True to his nature, he screamed, shouted, wove stories and went on his knees to engage the crowd as we laughed at him and at ourselves.

I was worried as to if he can successfully weave in the Lord’s message and was truly relieved when Monkey Lord, Money Bags, Eunuch and Kojack had fun.

Sometimes, I overthink things and so, I do my best to ensure that my best is done and that the work is good.

This is the added pressure on self to deliver a good piece of work and thankfully, I did.

I can now relax for 2 days before I embark on regional travel plan to our offices located outside lil red dot.

Yes, our business is growing and hopefully I would like to grow with this company too as my Lords have been kind to me and I do appreciate them.


CM’s Food Porn #77 – Feasting After 4 Days Of Chinese New Year

Once Classmate or I call “CM” is back at work, he is off for his foraging of food and this is what he found for lunch.

At a hawker stall he ordered the following dishes.

1. Steamed Red Garoupa in soy sauce

2. Braised Belly Pork In Dark Soya Sauce

3. Salted Chopped Mustard Leaves

4. Bak Kut Teh or translated to mean pork ribs tea. It is actually not a tea but a peppery broth that the ribs are steeped and simmered in. CM said the bowl of 2 ribs cost him $8.50

Above dishes are what he ate with rice porridge.

This lunch would easily set him back at least $30++


Redundant Statement


French Or Bay Windows?

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