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And So The Story Goes #92 – Why Not MR EX?

on February 12, 2019

After much good feedback from my readers, I pondered over the question of why not MR EX?

Why wasn’t MR EX not made my husband when he proposed to me years ago, before he married another 3 months down the road?

When I first met MR EX, he was technically my Lord. I worked in a non profit organisation and he served in an honorary capacity to care for the support office, which I led.

Our set up was a small one; just 3 of us. It was a start up with a good brand name and I had a good time working there, gaining traction to knowing who’s who in lil red dot and leaving it with 60 headcount and a SGD12 million building.

Being young and naive, I enjoyed a good Lord, who was attentive and cared for us. I took it as simply this was how a good Lord treated minions.

Lunch time would see MR EX taking me out for Mexican food as I loved Mexican food.

He would show me life in Singapore as I left Singapore for close to 8 years and was a tourist in my own land.

MR EX would take me as his partner to attend events. He would get drunk and I would take over his car and send him home.

I never invited MR EX to my home.

I later learnt he felt slighted that he was “not fit” to enter my house. I could not tell him then, that I was the pariah of my family and that daily, my sister was politicising with brother and father to evict me from home.

I felt ashamed that on the exterior I had a lovely abode but internally, I was a pariah.

I could not tell him.

So, when MR EX proposed to me with a handwoven grass ring, I rejected his proposal. I remember crying and sobbing without giving him an answer.

He said, “From your actions, your answer is a NO”

I could not explain to him then that my family is a mess and that to get married at this time, would complicate things.

I fled to HK to work and he continued to try and woo me. I did not reciprocate as HK was not the best of working conditions and I did not speak a word of Cantonese. I had new challenges and I fled to HK as I had no money to have a roof over my head and the job to HK was an expat posting and so, I took it.

3 months’ later, MR EX called me to say that he was getting married and that he was thinking to invite me. I told him NO, do not invite me.

I later learnt from mutual friends that MR EX married his current Bimbo as she had a dying sister with a live business. I knew MR EX was an ambitious man and he saw the opportunity and took it.

10 years passed after he had 2 bimbii daughters with Bimbo, we chanced upon a meeting at a law firm.

He started to hound me……And So the Story Goes….


8 responses to “And So The Story Goes #92 – Why Not MR EX?

  1. Neethu says:

    Awwww…I feel I like MR.Ex…he tried. .๐Ÿ™ˆ

  2. Caffe says:

    And what are you going to do with it?

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