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Economic Outlook For Lil Red Dot

on February 12, 2019

Lil Red Dot knows that we are in for tough economic times as we are surrounded by titans who are fighting.

Brexit is a big task for UK and until it is resolved, we may never know its impact as UK will be reeling from it and may take a while for it to adjust.

Indonesia is going towards elections and Malaysia is still fragmented with ex Premier Najib’s influence on the coalition government led by Mahatir and Anwar (in the future, to become PM). Critically, we have been having issues with Mahatir again as he raises the old issue of water supply, our coastal shoreline and sovereignty and airspace.

Meanwhile, USA is still fixated on the wall. With Trump delivering his address and claiming that he is the one who fixed and diffused the potential nuclear war with North Korea.

Trump claims he is now good friends with Kim. I hope so too for the world’s sake.

If USA still looks inward for development and economic trade, then our port activity will suffer and we are bracing selves for it. Mechanization, automation and redesigning of jobs are crucial during this time.

There is a need for post war employees working with baby boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Gen Z. Adaptability and upskilling are buzz words but it is an uphill task for those who refuse to change.

I may be adaptable but I make informed choices not to engage in online shopping or doing banking transactions 100% of the time on internet. I have seen the dangers of cyber attacks and how personal data is stolen.

So far our hospitals have been hit – latest being the spiteful release of names of HIV patients by an American doctor and his gay partner as they broke up. Now the HIV patients fear that without anonymity, they may be fired from their jobs.

Change envelopes lil red dot and how we come out of it, is something we need to mitigate for the best outcome.

Our Finance Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat, will deliver his budget speech later next week and in his attache, he promises “goodies” for everyone, including the unveiling of the Merdeka Package (Health Care) after the launch of the Pioneer Generation (My parents’ era).

So far I do not qualify for any of the health care packages. Still young LOL!

Getting subsidized medical care is not easy here as the singletons pay the most in taxes as we get the least tax subsidies and are not eligible for housing grants.

It has been a big slog for me all these years of adulthood and I am seeing how the government will come up with a plan to appreciate many singletons like me, who worked hard for the country but benefited the least as we are deemed as economically viable.

My sis escaped Singapore so that she can get handouts from the country she now resides in. I scoffed at her as this is so wrong! How can laziness be rewarded?

Aah well, on the flip side of things, I guess she is smart as she need not work till she dies, whereas I will have to and this is the truth – if you happen to visit lil red dot, you will see a lot of elderlies working at hawker centers, beavering away, clearing used utensils, washing toilets, delivering food on bicycles or motorised scooters or being security guards.

I suppose when I grow old, I will be like one of those, although I always harbored the thought of putting a soap box along the Goddess of Mercy Temple street and have a parakeet with me and a sign that says, I will write your letters for a fee!

A dying trade….but it is a dream as I have a bag of bones that will not support me to do laborous tasks!


2 responses to “Economic Outlook For Lil Red Dot

  1. The USA, for the most part, harbors dreams of voting the Current Occupant and his sidekick, Mr. Pence, out of office in 2020. Trump is certifiably crazy. His followers claim he has a high IQ, which is quite possible (not likely, but possible) but he is such a megalomaniac that he constantly shoots himself in the foot.

    Pence is a different sort of madman. Most of the time, his keepers check evet half hour or so to make sure he is still breathing; there is a rumor that his is actually on loan for Mme. Tussaud. Pence goes on at a great clip about any stray Islamic immigrant trying to put America under Sharia law, while his fondest dream is to impose the “Christian” version of it himself. If The Current Occupant keels over from a cheeseburger-induced stroke, Pence will step in, and he might win the next election on a sympathy vote.

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