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And So The Story Goes #99 – Ipswich, UK?

on March 31, 2019

It has been a long silence from the ridiculous messaging of MR EX. I did not miss his presence but did miss the fodder for a blog post.

What a paradox one might quip right?

MR EX himself is a paradox.

All the euphemisms of the world will not exonerate this man is how I feel. Still, the fodder for the post is sowed.






He thinks he is Tattoo of the old series Fantasy Island whereby the Tattoo, the trusty aide of Mr Rourke of Fantasy Island would shout, “Boss, the plane, the plane!” to indicate the arrival of new guests on the island to explain caviar and champagne dreams.


“Ipswich, Backwater”


“You there to watch soccer? Enjoy and leave the Backside Water safe!”


He would always mention my backside and I now zing one back at him. I googled Backwater and indeed there is such a town in Ipswich itself and it seems to have nice scapes too.


“Kick cactus in the desert. Work now, Bye”


Desert? Who is he kidding and the best part is, why bother to tell me what you are doing at 2am UK time?


“Please be careful on UK deals as Brexit is in the throes of a messy situation. It might scathe you and cause you financial losses”


Brexit is not moving along any time soon and knowing MR EX who has millions to throw (*presumably as he tends to brag but I doubt he has and may end up mired in heavier debt)


“My two feet are in. No turning back now. Meeting now.”


MR EX must think I am a ruddy fool…meeting at 2am again in UK when I know the Brits turn in early unless there is a soccer party ongoing.


“Whatever the case, take care and meeting at 2am UK time is brutal as I thought the Brits turn in early unless pubbing. Enjoy your pint then.”


MR EX must really think I am an idiot who knows not what is a bull crap and what is reality? I have not googled Backwater to find out if indeed there are deserts there and if there were deserts there, who in the world would go there to invest in developments?

He might was well be in Gobi Desert – at least the is hope and talk of massive developments in Dubai and the Middle East.

Ahh well, I am grateful for the fodder for this post and whatever his message meant, I take it at face value…it is just for this post. If he makes riches, it does not add to my material wealth and if he loses heavily in his investments and cannot afford a meal, I will offer him a bowl of soup as I do not let anyone starve. But for his sake, I hope he does not get burnt from all this.

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