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Getting Groceries Is A Chore Of Late

I have been procrastinating on getting groceries. Not good as I used to like trawling the aisles to see what is new or available in the supermarkets.

I know I need to, as I am running low on soap powder and some edible food stuff to fill my fridge such as fruits. But I am a bit obsessive as I still have at least 15 oranges and 6 apples.

But my daily routine has been (of late) to doggy back food for dinner and do away with the messy cleaning up job after trying to get food on the table. After all, I ain’t the best Chef Boyadee and I do not put together the best of meals. I also recognise that whatever I am eating based on outside food fare is not necessarily healthy.

But I like to think it is – I love “Thunder Tea Rice” – this is a Hakka dish which comprises brown rice, small bits of long beans, peanuts, doufu and allows a side dish of fried pork (which I omit).

Priced at $5.50 for a bowl, I do enjoy this very much as it is vegetarian to me and it is tasty.

My other prized find was Korean Bimbap rice comprising lots of veggies and pork.

If these are not what I like for the day, then I will always turn to economy rice with 2 side dishes of veggies and 1 side of pork.

Eating home cooked meals are always the better options but I have given up trying to eat home cooked meals as it takes up a lot of time to prepare and get it ready when I work 12 to 14 hours a day.

Still, I need to get fruits, veggies and other non food items.

Aahhh well…legs not moving and body is tired. I still have non food items stocked I suppose and really do not need to go to the stores just yet.

I think I deserve a day of vegetating on the floor now – since laundry has been done and ironing pile completed.


Miffy Poses #18 – Elegance & Do I Look Like I Care When I Want To Snooze

Miffy on her towering perch,

Looking to do her stretch.

See how long in length I am,

Up close and personal was how I faced Mommy Feisty’s cam!

By now you’d think Mommy Feisty’s had enough of photos of me,

How wrongly thought I was through my glassy eyes see!

Don’t you like my paw token on my collar,

I paw it till Mommy Feisty hollars!

I sit up as the ‘lioness’ roars,

But truly…I am bored.

Let me snooze Mommy Feisty!

My eyes are really tired and I will get testy!



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Poor Charlie Brown!

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Illogical Paddy – £1 Vs £500,000?

Paddy won £6 million on the lottery…

They informed him that they were having problems and could only pay him £5OO,OOO this week £5OO,OOO next week, an £5OO,OOO every week after until it was paid..

Paddy replies, “listen if you’re going to fuck me about I want my £1 back”…


Oh No…Grannies


Why Elderly With Pets Live Longer – The Truth

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Almost Friday….I Gotta Laugh…

Awesome helmet that will give you attention and some glares!

I would never protest if someone cooked up a storm for me haha!

Absolutely great rules that is so true!

Trump does it again!

Meanwhile Teresa May fails at Brexit…

Happy Thursday night…almost FRIDAY!!

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Futile Dialogue

Going somewhere?

It can be anywhere.

It could also be no where,

Unless we have in mind somewhere.

Anywhere is somewhere,

No matter where.

Wherever, whatever or whichever,

Somewhere can be no where,

No where is anywhere.


Garfield Never Seen Before

An artistic rendition of my inanimate furball Garfield I have never seen before.

As if 2 personas in 1, or “schizoprenic” I quipped to Bird who sent this.

A dark side of Garfield if you will…trapped within a confident and towering Garfield, squealing to get out!

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