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Is Good Health Taken For Granted? A Timely Reminder

on May 31, 2019

Is good health taken for granted? is a practical blog site and I follow it to learn useful practical ways of stretching dollars whilst living in the UK as a retiree. Do pop by and have a read.

I read his recent article on how he was glad that he was medically cleared of an ailment. He stated a fact that reasonated with me – people moan about ill health but people do not celebrate or write about good health they enjoy! Hmm…

I have good days and bad days for health. Generally, I am ridden with pain daily but I do not live life as if I am dying. I moan and groan about it but I laugh a heck of a lot as endorphins manages pain best.

I recently saw a colleague walking like a zombie and asked her what was wrong. She appeared shell shocked and whispered to me that she was dying as she has been diagnosed with diabetes.

She is not obese and instead normal sized.

I told her diabetes is not a death knell – unlike cancers of heart failures, one can live a good and rich life as all the person needs to do is amend lifestyle habits and exercise plus taking her daily dosage of Metformin and blood pricks in the morning.

She does not seem to accept her disease and informs me that she will not want to prick her own fingers and have asked her husband to do for it. I chided her for not taking ownership of her own health. I ticked her off as it is not her husband’s duty but her own plus what if the husband is out of town for work or worst case, is unavailable – then what?!

She then bemoaned that she cannot stop eating durians! Durians are lethal fruits for diabetics and will lead them to diabetic comas when consumed in mega doses and I know she does consume it in mega doses.

Her answer to me was a real classic one! I cannot stop it as my kids love them. If I stop buying it, they cannot enjoy it.

“Look here mum – you already have diabetes and you are not looking out for your family. You ought to share with them that your mum has diabetes and they must start eating healthily now. They can eat in moderation. You abstain! You need not eat. You can watch them eat!”

I was cross. Why?

She is not without life. She has limbs and a working heart. Organs all else are healthy.

She would drink sugary drinks etc.

I continued to encourage her that diabetics live a long time – so long as they manage their health.

I am lucky I am alive. I am lucky I can walk. For each painful day, I recognize that I am alive and not a burden to anyone.

Good reminder from alifegayventure on living life, celebrating health!

Cheers to good heart health, mental health and physical health to all!

7 responses to “Is Good Health Taken For Granted? A Timely Reminder

  1. Julie says:

    I hope for her kids’ sakes that she’ll take control of her health!

  2. oh my, so surprised that u linked to me. i hope more people who have got a illness will blog about how they got better , and how they did it, either with drugs, or with a change of lifestyle so that we can be encouraged to know that a diagnosis of ill health need not be permanent. i think that is why the lady who was diagnosed with diabetes felt so helpless and think it is a death knell. this is because no one she knows ever told her they have overcome diabetes by diet and lifestyle changes before. ask yourself how many people do u know who have overcome their diabetes with lifestyle changes or diet? perhaps those who have done it should publicise it more.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Yes, the lady was clueless till I set her straight! I hope she bucks up. Diabetes is not a death knell if one controls food intake and change to a healthier lifestyle.

  3. scifihammy says:

    It is something I have noticed a lot – people who are always healthy take it for granted, but the moment one slight thing is wrong with them they fall to pieces.
    You have many medical problems and lots of pain; I’m not as bad as you but have my ailments since a child; and we just get on with it. It is a great day that is pain free or that we can breathe and we rejoice for that. I think it is a far better outlook on life. 🙂

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Agree wholeheartedly with you that one with pain experiences it and overcomes it by accepting it. I am sorry to hear that you also suffer from pain as a child! Us “pain people” are a hardy bunch 🤣🤣👌

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