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Australian Woody Pears

on June 30, 2019


Living in lil red dot as a city girl, I am floored whenever I see fruits of any sort on my travels and will want to know if it is poisonous, edible or most importantly, tasty.

I chanced upon this tree laden with pears looking like Chinese Pears whilst on the property of Lavender Farm. This is in Perth, Australia when I visited it for the second time that year.

It bit off very hard and did not taste like a Packham or Anjou pear. Instead it tasted a bit like Chinese fragrant pear but woody in flavorings.

I have come to learn a lot of fruit origins for e.g. kiwi fruits originated from China when I thought all the while it was a native fruit of New Zealand.

Today, Macadamia nuts are farmed in Australia alongside fruits like Lychees and Durians. This is cultivation for the Asian market for trade.

Rich Aussie soil and climate give farmers a choice of crops to grow.

Phil who owns a smallish plantation of avocados for export did let us have a taste of the fruits of his labor.

Dipped in soy sauce, avocado tasted good as a snack fruit.

I usually dislike avocadoes as it is squishy and too rich for my liking.

Surprising when it was dipped in soya sauce and paired with some wasabi, it was delightfully refreshing and biting with the spicy wasabi sauce.

Italian by descent, Phil had successfully made Perth his home.


2 responses to “Australian Woody Pears

  1. I really like avocados, and sometimes just eat one with a spoon as a snack. Never thought about dipping them into soy sauce. I’ll have to give it a try, and report back later.

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