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Stop, Think & Be Compassionate

on June 30, 2019

MR EX’s kindness must be measured against giant acknowledgements.

I can still hear his ringing voice whenever he bought me snacks, “so nothing lah…all this is nothing!”

My immediate retort was always, “Yes, nothing!”

I further remembered once I sought his help to consider Lupus Association as a cause for his company to donate to when he was pondering over the next charitable cause to give for purposes of tax relief.

I blew a fuse on hearing his senseless unkind reply. His opinion was that the disease must show people suffering or be dramatic to evoke his support, In other words the quantum of impact to him as donor was not melodramatic enough for him to be viewed as “angel of givers”! He said cancer patients deserved his help not Lupus sufferers as Lupus sufferers do not suffer like cancer patients.

It hurt! How ignorant he was on Lupus, despite me advising that Lupus sufferers are under a less public limelight and do not easily attract donors but suffer quietly.

I have primary Sjorgren’s. Like all auto immune sufferers, I have good days and very bad days.

MR EX used to poke fun at me saying that “it was all in the mind” and added that I was a hypochondriac.

Mind you, this was the same MR EX who proposed with a grass ring and asked me to wait for him since 2001.

Mr EX never treated my illness seriously and made fun of me. I hurt inside and often wondered where is this man’s compassion when he stands on stage and proclaims to do a deity’s work.

I have learnt that any disease is a disease. How it affects anyone is not straight lined. Some take the disease better, stand up to it stronger whilst others with a different genetic make up succumb to it more readily,

How could MR EX living in glorious splendour of wealth, fame and fortune misunderstand Lupus sufferers and mock people with diseases that does not overtly sound a death knell immediately?

We all will pass through life.

Some sooner, some faster.

Some more painful, others less painful.

We will all go through death as part of living is dying and part of dying is living.

But let’s appreciate each death and life individually and acknowledge a person’s suffering with compassion and empathy, giving it the due dignity it deserves.

As for MR EX with his big words and heartless meaningless actions, unless it bears him publicity, appreciate and understand that what is uttered stays forever etched in the hearts of the hurt ones.


4 responses to “Stop, Think & Be Compassionate

  1. charlypriest says:

    I know, but I can not be compassionite with a perrson that they crossed the my red line and now they are my enemy, and sorry for that person`nd

    And I think you are not a yellow cat, but really a pitbull

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