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Sick As A Dog! Blah!

Guilty As Charged! But I Get Creative

Garfield my inanimate furball, my bed or marble floor and I have been inseparable since Thursday.

After a month of Klacid antibiotics for my 2 surgeries, my reprieve of 1 day saw me hacking up furballs.

1.5 days under Ciprobay ($156 for 14 tablets, highway robbery as I could use the money to buy chockies and get FATTER!)

I’m Single, Never Married – Still Struggling To Find Mr Right!

I cough every 2 hours and my beauty sleep is non existent really.

I assure you, no amount of face masks made from Bird’s Nest or what sorts of grandoise elixirs if youth can salvage a tired out face, baggy eyed!

I Could Drink Wine!

I am tired from being ill. The last 2 stitches holding down a debrided wound is causing me neck pain.

Coupled with shoulder pain and coughing spasms wreaking havoc on my chest, thorax and head is making illness a bad word.



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Coughing Like A Banshee

I have been out of sorts.

After a month of relentless ingesting of antibiotics, I was happy to know I could be off it.

But a day after, my throat burned so much that if I drank water, it hurts. Fever rages at 38.3C!

I cough. As if hacking up furballs so much so, my chest and stomach hurts so much that I can hardly have any energy left.

Off I crawled to Dr Boey, my ICU doctor. Ciprobay at 500mg twice a day is prescribed and Panadol to control the fever.

Seretide inhaler is precribed so that I don’t gasp for breath like a goldfish out of water.

Stitches were only removed for half of my wound. Dr See would want to play safe, keeping it for another week!


I just want to be well again.

Thank You All For Kind Prayers & Thoughts

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