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There Is Only So Much I Can Do In Bates Motel

Ho hum! Bored.

Not what you think!

Medicines a plenty.

Movies are repeats.

Leg has been marked with permanent marker. It shall be chopped.

Woofies get educated too! I do agree that my pet dobie would tilt head when she did not understand me or wonders if there is something more she missed.

4 holes from keyhole shoulder remains stitched. 2 weeks before it gets removed.

There is only so much I can do…eat, sleep and sigh….grow fat!

Grannies rock!! They are able to save kitty!

I shouldn’t complain as am alive.

Mum is doing better. Dietician and doctors have been kindly updating me on her progress and am pleased as it allays my worries.

Dad seems more alert with bro and sis around, the communication seems to invigorate the dull brain ravaged by pre-dementia issues.

Disney’s Desperate Housewives!

Bro leaves on 2 Jan 2020 and I hope he returns when my sis leaves on 13 Jan 2020.

I wish they had more time for parents. But it is tough to impose it.

Ho hum…not much to do but rest which is great as I have been very tired.

But too much of a good thing worries me too.

I really must learn to relax!


Awesome Signages #1

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Auld Lang Syne #3


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New Year’s Eve Laugh


Bates Motel #4 – Day 5, Almost 2020

‘Technician’ (*as I address my Orthopaedic Surgeon) has a kind heart.

It is a massive book really LOL!

As my surgeon, he cares enough to see me 3 to 4 times a day and this is appreciated as he has a heavy case load of 20 patients at his clinic and he needs to surgically operate.

Climate change in North Pole is wreaking havoc in Santa’s workshop. Hopefully Greta the climate change advocate succeeds in drilling into us to reuse, recycle and manage our earth better.

He swings by in scrubs or his signature black outfit of T shirt and jeans. Definitelt not a cut out of a surgeon. Hence my ‘technician’ and he loves the title accorded to him.

Sometimes it is hard to discern between general waste or recycling worth!

Doctors without airs or superiority complex works best for me as the warmth and heart they exude helps me recover faster.

Bucket List Done!

I am up at 3.15am for my daily shower. I like avoiding peak hour shower times at 7am and needing supervision to shower is currently what I require till my left hand is more mobile.

If I forget, the Bat Signal Works!

I am worried about part 2 surgery as without a left leg, how do I walk properly without hurting.

I was assured that the space boot helps and I guess I will look like robocop – a boot that is massive looking and a left arm sling with Garfield in tow.

I must look like a casualty of war.

Technician promised me that he will not turn me into a cyborg but made a comment that we will have a “long term relationship as a result of my musco sketelal issues.

I am resigned to fate.

A New Mr Bean Atttitude For 2020 – It Might Work!

After going through more than 20 surgeries; some major and others minor, I am sanguine and takes it in stride.

No point beating at my breasts hollering why me? But just suck it up and move on.

The saving grace is that I have good doctors, nurses, good Lords (*for once) and great dietary needs at Bates Motel.

After being a regular icon here the head chef actually visits me to craft my menu as I get tired of the same foods.

Life goes on.

I live.

I breathe.

I laugh.

I have Garfield.

I have you folks rooting me on and that is precious indeed.

Not much from me just my humble but sincere wish for all to bask in love and warmth of those you love.

May you and they be constantly wrapped in good health.

May happiness surround you and if you have been praying for that miracle to happen, then may you get it in 2020.

Happy New Year 2020 folks from Garfield and I.


Husbands Beware With All The Revelry For New Year

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2020 – Not Vision Check Scores But Happy New Year 2020

Nurses Vivien and EJ indulged In My Love For Garfield By Handmaking This Arm Sling For Garfield.
I Love The Cartoon Nurse Vivien Drew And After 3 Tries, Voila…A Sling Was Done!

It is the eve of New Year’s 2020. Seems like time flies, waiting for no one – playing catch up as if you will.

I have some good things to dump for 2019.

Tea Totallers Watch Out

For one, my biggest baggage, MR EX. I have with the help of Mr Docile learnt to recognise how I was of use to MR EX only and served a commercial use only. I do not need falsehoods like him.

My second baggage to dump are people like Ms Selfish for being a real ass in being difficult and showing zero empathy or compassion. She has a long road in life ahead of her and if she continues the way she behaves, she will be a lonely old soul witb only husband and daughter to indulge her.

Mybiggest folly is to feel for people and try my best to help others.

People will come and people will go.

Such is life and during our times of being affiliated, I just want to ensure a fair and equitable relationship.

Last but not least, my medical team and valued quiet ftiends for being with me through thick and thin:

Dr Boey Wah Keong

Dr Lui Hock Foong

Dr Lim Y J

Dr Chia Y N

Prof Fong Kok Yong

Duchess of Yore Little Buddha for being with me.

Ms Classmate for continuous prayers and pujas to help me.

Last but not least my lords, Monkey Lord, Eunuch and Kojack for allowing me to get well.

Ms Holy Holy for never giving up on me.

I am grateful for many things.

Another year with my parents. Life is fragile and no matter how frustrating for tiring it gets, I have to struggle on in my journey to care for them.

I am grateful for good friends.

Ms Classmate for being there for me during my sudden potential cancer scare. She appeared to hold my hand and stayed with me throughout the procedure to share with me the final diagnosis of being all clear.

I am grateful for a good hardworking colleague in Ms Feisty and her sharing of Miffy tales series.

May 2020 bring peace in Hong Kong, economic growth for Singapore and lesser tirades from Trump so that the world can progress.


Auld Lang Syne #1

As we move to the digital era….