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So I Think I Know Everything…

on January 17, 2020

I was targeting to be discharged on 22 Jan 2020 from Bates Motel but am not hopeful as my leg wound is still not behaving and my shoulder and biceps have knotted.

I was unaware that my shoulder tendon was reconstructed and placed in another position to allow my arm to function better after removing the culprit of a giant bone spur!

The surgeon did such a good job that I had full range of the arm and I started to use my arm like normal, this causing the overreach.

Mum is doing ok at home but my brother is flying the coop on Monday for his own home in the Fragrant Harbor. I do worry as I am not out by 20 Jan 20, there will be a gap in my parents’ home care.

Worrying will get me no where and I am hoping the home care team will kick in twice a week soon so that at least they have some help.

It is hard to age in Singapore as the social network is not an established one and there are no retirement community villages that look nice. A nursing home turns all into zombies and the elderly are made to look silly, singling karaoke, doing silly twirling umbrella dances and mindless stuff.

I do not blame it as unfortunately these homes cannot stage it at different levels; high functioning or low functioning and uses low functioning brain type activity to cut across the masses. This will alienate people like my mum and dad who are high functioning in the brain department and they feel stupid doing it, as if ridiculing their presence.

It is tough to manage the elderly and I find Chicken’s advice fairly useful i.e. to treat them like children, reward them when they do what is expected of them and discipline them like children.

There is also a need to put on a show for them so that they feel comfortable accepting what you expect them to do.

As for now, my dad has to be persuaded to take a second bath before retiring to bed and be reminded of medicines to take.

I think back to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night – all the world’s a stage and of which, there are 7 stages. I fully agree that this is the circle of life. We begin as babes, end up with baby mentality and pass on.

I wish and pray that I may never get dementia as it is such a horrid illness. But then with so many rounds of general anaesthesia, I do worry.

So, I think I know everything…for now when my mental faculties and wits are with me.

What about when I have to live longer?

Will I think I know something or anything?

I clearly do not know everything but I can safely say that I know some things, some of the time and not most of the time.

I get by!

4 responses to “So I Think I Know Everything…

  1. michnavs says:

    I wish you well GH..and i get you..i too had several anesthesias due to several surgeries also and i too worry of dementia or simply being forgetful when old age hits us. Its a sad reality that i gues we just have to live by

  2. You are very strong, darling! You will be fine. My prayers are always with you!

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