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Not What You Think – Sagging Breasts Help Saved A Life!

Aging Mildred was a 93 year-old woman who was particularly despondent over the recent death of her husband Earl.

She decided that she would just kill herself and join him in death.

Thinking that it would be best to get it over with quickly, she took out Earl’s old Army pistol and made the decision to shoot herself in the heart since it was so badly broken in the first place.

Not wanting to miss the vital organ and become a vegetable and burden to someone, she called her doctor to inquire as to just exactly where the heart would be.

“On a woman,” the doctor said, “your heart would be just below your left breast.”

Later that night, Mildred was admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her knee.😂

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Idiot Reprised #2 – Suicide Threat Continues As If Like A Joke!

I am not at all amused by MR EX and his antics to garner attention, if indeed it is his sick mentality of doing so and making me worry.


“You’re no expert and you don’t know squat about my predicament, misery and distress. The section that strikes me most is about elderly committing suicide. Look out for a report for an inexplicable death soon. Have a good day.”


The text messaging went as such when an article appeared in our local newspapers on how attitude and laughter can help the depressed have a better life. The article was written as a contribution to Opinion Section by Professor Tommy Koh, Ambassador At Large.


“You’re no expert and you don’t know squat about my predicament, misery n distress” 100% AGREE.

As for your threat “Look out for a report for an inexplicable death soon.” My police officer friend has asked me to give your cell number to them.

You chose to stick by Bimbo. Go to her and your “future PM daughter” – they are more than capable to help you.

Yes have a good day. As Phua Chu Kang says USE YOUR BRAIN.”


Bimbo is my pet name for his wife as she is exactly that. All Bimbo likes is lots of money, next set of bling blings to buy and being a mistress of the house.

MR EX has often bragged about how capable his daughter is and will be a future Prime Minister of Lil Red Dot.

In truth, his daughter now is of no economic use as she cannot complete a degree despite being sent to Italy, Rome and Paris to study fashion design. She thought she was the future Kate Spade of the world.

As his father, MR EX spoilt her rotten, she does not even know how to do survival cooking. She is not a teeny bopper but in her late 20s.

Phua Chu Kang is an iconic TV character who is a home renovation contractor and currently used to teach us on TV how to mindful of Covid 19.

His pet phrase was always, “Use your brain” or in English it means to apply yourself and have a think through process!


“The death is my death lah!!!! “


Ooh so many exclamation marks! He thinks I am idiot to think his sentence of “Look out for an inexplicable death soon” implied he was going to murder someone. Idiot!!! (I use 3 exclamation marks here)


“Yes & the police can talk to you or out of it. There is a law against self harm in case you don’t know.

Final advice

Life is not about wealth or more $ is better. Dump your debt, declare bankruptcy & live a better life.”


MR EX is a chaser of wealth and is the sole breadwinner for his family of 4 who are all not economically viable.

He lives in a magnificent bungalow and drives a Mercedes Benz (new). Whenever he saw me in the past, he would lament on how much debt he was in.

My simple reply then to him was to sell the luxury bungalow and live in government housing.

For $450,000 to $500,000 he can have a 5 bedroom unit under HDB scheme. But since he refuses to downgrade and lose face plus face the wrath of his designer goods minded family, then it is tough. Hence my reply to him.

In closing, I am of the opinion of Mr Docile and that MR EX is too chicken shit to kill himself and that he is trying to get my attention.

I replied for the simple reason that I wanted to state my views categorically and not misread the situation.

My only concern was if MR EX would really kill himself and hence I stated simply that I would give his cell phone number to the police and reminded him of the consequences of suicide, if that is at all his intent.

If he is faking it, then he will stop it as he knows I will speak to the police about it, which was why he quickly rebutted stating it was his death with 3 exclamation marks.

I maybe wrong, but I am inclined to believe that people who are genuinely depressed and have every intention to kill oneself, would do it quietly and without fanfare – not even letting anyone close to him or her of intent.

MR EX is not nice and my last parting words to him on text were:-


“I said my peace & I now let karma deal with you.”

Do weigh in and let me know if I am really dealing with a psychotic and depressed individual or a sick, demented and harmful yet evil man who only wants to inflict my mind on his pathetic life?

I just do not want to err on side of caution that he is genuinely psychotic and depressed as next steps I will take can be quite drastic as in reporting him to the police and they will be ensuring he undergoes psychiatric evaluation etc and if the media captures it, it will make him an embarrassment as afterall, he is a motivational speaker with a huge following on social media and print media.




Best Advice Ever From Snoopy!!

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How Animals Make Us Laugh

Meatless patties….eeeuw!
Service Vs Au Naturale!
Asses are smarter than zebras

Science Vs Observations

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Perils Of Marriage

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Blondes Make Us Laugh

Click to enlarge for easier reading


MR EX is an idiot as he has been sending me messages that he is “depressed” and today, it added the sentence, “I am waiting to die!!!” – yes with not one but three exclamation marks!

Gee – I had half a brain to retort but held back as I do not want to engage in this man’s moronic evil methods to get me to all hufty and pufty – angry! Sigh!

As a man with a PhD, his brain is really silly and entangled only in seeking to garner more wealth.

We are all waiting to die!

Fact is our lives or journey on earth is a finite journey with a specific life span. We all cannot live forever.

Some can live longer, others shorter.

Babies can be born stilll life.

My simple answer if I had engaged would have been,

“We are all waiting to die! (just one exclamation mark)

Each day we live, is one day lesser in our finite life span.

Life is what we make out of it.

If one chooses to pursue wealth and worship $, then pay the price of wanting more and more is good philosophy.

Life with enough is equally good.

Sure it is good to have extra money and money will buy you that extra bling bling to wear round your neck or fingers but just how many can these satisfy anyone?

Limits are important.

Depression is a word easily spouted and I like to quote Mr Docile here,

“If he is truly depressed, he will not be singing it to you, but just jump off a building or be a body that is fished out from the sea! Ignore him as he is just eliciting sympathy and wanting attention”

I have one word – IDIOT! MR EX is an absolute IDIOT.


Why Android Cellphone Is Not The Way To Use For Online Forms

It is so annoying dealing with my car insurer in trying to get my refund of an overcharged value for renewal premiums.

This whole fiasco happened because my car insurer loves to sneak in other sub products of theirs such as home insurance as part of their cover tied into with the car insurance.

I hate it! I do not need all these home loyalty covers as I have a policy already taken for the home.

Besides, why would I mix up home insurance with car insurance and besides, their add on home insurance is just rubbishy coverage.

It is annoying to keep calling their helpline and get smug idiotic telephone advisers to give you silly replies.

It is like pulling teeth, one tooth at a time and each solution they offer creates a new problem for me.

For e.g. if they have credited the entire sum of the erroneous premium against my credit card, isn’t it then logical for the erroneous premium sum to be credited back to the same credit card and the correct amount then recharged?

Noooo…the silly telephone adviser said that they can only issue a cheque because the sum has gone through the bank’s gateway!

I have bought items before and it was always easy for the merchant to do a reversal when a mistake was made.

How is it that this huge, gigantic insurance company hailing from USA be so silly? Or maybe the people hired to do the job are ill equipped to do proper replies and are clueless as to how such things can be done?

My question next to the silly telephone adviser (this is the 3rd one I am dealing with) is if the request I made for the erroneous sum to be credited back to my credit card will delay refund by another 6 to 10 years or if I am dead by then?

If so, then send me the silly cheque for it.

If only their IT department is savvy enough to create online renewal forms with proper reading pane size for the android.

This way, I need not expand the minute text size for each word and it is a voluminous document, and spotted the silly “Loyalty Home Cover” they sneakily put into the renewal document.


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Wabbits Beware

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