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Be Careful What One Wishes For (*Adult Content)

A woman with small breasts buys a finely carved mirror at an antique shop and hangs it on her bathroom door:

The next morning, she playfully says.

“Mirror, mirror, on my door, make my boobs size 44.”

There is a flash of light, and her boobs grow to enormous proportions.

She runs to tell her husband what happened and in minutes they both return.

The husband crosses his fingers and says.

“Mirror, mirror, on the door, make my penis touch the floor.”

There’s a flash of light, and both of his legs fall off…🤣


Today’s Experience At The Hospital

Today my father had a follow up appointment and I had to drag him out of bed to ensure he was not late arriving at the hospital.

It is a chore to drag my father out of bed as he finds it challenging to extricate self from bed at 7am.

When he and my mum stayed on their own, both of them tend to wake up past 11am. I wish I had such luxuries of time to spend lulling in bed!

On arrival at the hospital, we went through the usual temperature screening and asking of where we went etc.

As my father was recently hospitalised for inner ear infection, the silly person at the hospital check lines told me that my father had to go to the “fever area”

I baulked! Fever area? He has no fever and you want him to go to the fever area and get self soaked in “fever” infested persons?

I spluttered and ask the Check In Girl if she understands what she was saying to me.

I explained to her that my father has no fever and was checked at Check In and now they want to infect my father with fever?

I told her I disagreed!

Putting a 91 year old in the fever area was as good as telling my father to go and die from Covid.

I asked her if she was in my shoes and this was her father, would she agree?

Instead she replied me that by coming to the hospital, both my father and I were already “exposed to Covid” – seriously, at this point in time, I felt she was a nut case!

Clueless as to what she is muttering or mouthing to me and I asked again for more information on this “fever” area.

I then found out that it was a triage area for patients without Covid. Gee…who would be so thick in the head to name the area “Fever” area when it is not for fever patients?

I left my feedback for them to call the area Patients’ Triage Area or whatever instead of “Fever Area”

She got my pants in a bunch I tell you! Grrr!!!

Good news is that my father if ok but still a pain in my posterior as between my mum and him, they both drive me up the wall….


The Lighter Side Of Covid-19 & Exercise Is Out


Only In Ireland, Irish Laughs


The Lighter Side Of Covid-19


A Poke At Trump, But Rocket Man Is Missing

There has been much ado over Orange Man’s supposed sarcasm as he claims.

True or otherwise, it is highly possible that Orange Man thought he was smart to have found a way to kill Covid-19.

Meanwhile Rocket Man is missing and the world speculates he is a vegetable due to a botched heart surgery or presumed dead.

Regardless, to me a life is a life and I hope he is alive as he has family too.

As for Trump….only his brain is warped as he scoffed at Covid-19 and let it fester in USA when he should have advocated safe measures etc to control it.


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Special Lego Set For Covid-19

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