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Lighter Side Of Covid – Rambutan Versus Corona Cell

on April 26, 2020

In the tropics, we have a hairy fruit called the rambutan. Red in color, the fruit with a seed is covered by a hairy soft outer covering.

It is sweet and tasty and the fruit comes into season with durians, langsat, dukus and mangosteens. These four fruits I have named are all tropical fruits and other than the durian, the other 3 are not gaining momentum for farmers or entrepreneurs to grow and export as compared to the durian, it is not as lucrative.

Good durians can go for more than SGD20 a kilo and with the hard thorny thick kernels, a single fruit can retail for almost SGD50 to SGD60.

The humbler fruits of rambutans, dukus, langsats or mangosteens retail like 3 kilos for $10 or mangosteens with a thick hard shell that houses the pulpy fruit costs $15 for a bag of 10 to 12 mangosteens or lesser if near the end of season.

Personally, I love the rambutan and my parents old house used to have 3 rambutan trees that were a graft of lychees and other flavors.

I liked it very much as the skin does not turn full red when it ripens but yellowish green and the flesh is springy and not watery when one bites into the soft outer covering to unveil this delightful fruit.

Even when we harvested it and left it overnight, it does not become a soggy seed when we bit into it the next day.

Covid-19 is exacting its toll on employees and graduating students.

Many find it hard to retain their jobs and it is impossible to find new cushy and well paying jobs.

Even our national airline carrier, Singapore Airlines is suffering and Temasek Holdings has promised to buy all its new unbought shares when launched.

If our national icon collapses, it will be a death knell to our economy.

Virgin Atlanic Australia has filed for bankruptcy and SIA holds a 20% stake in it.

What is scarier is that World Health Organization (WHO) is now saying that those who suffered from Covid-19 and recovered do not have immunity against it!

Covid-19 is worst than SARS and I feel that we are in tough times as it will take a long time before the vaccine can be developed against it.

Stay safe all and keep the humor going as it is the only medicine that we can rely on to stay sane in an insanely ridden Covid-19 world for now.

6 responses to “Lighter Side Of Covid – Rambutan Versus Corona Cell

  1. Kris says:

    I have never seen one of the durians in a store. I don’t do much fruit, if I plan on sugar, I’ll take something like a cookie or cake!!

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