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Today’s Experience At The Hospital

on April 30, 2020

Today my father had a follow up appointment and I had to drag him out of bed to ensure he was not late arriving at the hospital.

It is a chore to drag my father out of bed as he finds it challenging to extricate self from bed at 7am.

When he and my mum stayed on their own, both of them tend to wake up past 11am. I wish I had such luxuries of time to spend lulling in bed!

On arrival at the hospital, we went through the usual temperature screening and asking of where we went etc.

As my father was recently hospitalised for inner ear infection, the silly person at the hospital check lines told me that my father had to go to the “fever area”

I baulked! Fever area? He has no fever and you want him to go to the fever area and get self soaked in “fever” infested persons?

I spluttered and ask the Check In Girl if she understands what she was saying to me.

I explained to her that my father has no fever and was checked at Check In and now they want to infect my father with fever?

I told her I disagreed!

Putting a 91 year old in the fever area was as good as telling my father to go and die from Covid.

I asked her if she was in my shoes and this was her father, would she agree?

Instead she replied me that by coming to the hospital, both my father and I were already “exposed to Covid” – seriously, at this point in time, I felt she was a nut case!

Clueless as to what she is muttering or mouthing to me and I asked again for more information on this “fever” area.

I then found out that it was a triage area for patients without Covid. Gee…who would be so thick in the head to name the area “Fever” area when it is not for fever patients?

I left my feedback for them to call the area Patients’ Triage Area or whatever instead of “Fever Area”

She got my pants in a bunch I tell you! Grrr!!!

Good news is that my father if ok but still a pain in my posterior as between my mum and him, they both drive me up the wall….

5 responses to “Today’s Experience At The Hospital

  1. MELewis says:

    Lol, better the pain in the derrière than further suffering in the ‘fever’ ward! Glad your father is okay. Stay well!

  2. Gina says:

    glad you stood your ground and sought more clarification. sometimes staff use scary language and don’t know how to clarify.

  3. I agree. That’s pretty silly name for what is the non-fever area.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Exactly! Silly oafs should give it a less alarming name if they want less irate patients who are already teeming with fear of Covid. Communication is lacking indeed🤪

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