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It is the eve of the eve of when lil red dot emerges out of the current Circuit Breaker on 2 June 2020, into what we call Phases 1 & 2. ( We are told that if local community spread remains negative or small, then Phase 2 may be brought on in middle of June)

Our government’s advisory remains as:-

Work From Home is the default
💼 Go to office only if you must

Workplace social gatherings cancelled/deferred:
🎂 eg. Team-bondings
🙅‍♂️ Gathering in groups, eg. during meals or breaks
🙅‍♀️ Socialising physically within or outside working hours

I am grateful for the government advisory that specifically told everyone to avoid team bondings, gathering in groups and socialising physically within or outside working hours.

Even they, the government, knows of people trying their best to get back at socialising, thinking it was fine to do it at work.


Because I was challenged when a group in the office was happily planning a party and I stepped in to be the party pooper!

Nobody likes Party Poopers but hey, a man or woman has got to do what they ought to do.

I certainly do not need a fresh wave of infections and much less a new clused named after my company for causing issues to set us back!

I was told (waiting for confirmation from government advisory) that even if we are allowed to socialise, it will be a max of 5 diners per household or something like that.

I am glad my inanimate furballs are all inanimate as they occupy the little space of my apartment unit, lest they be evicted as one too many in one household.

Back on the homefront, I am a nagger still.

Wash your hands.

Shower when we return from the hospital for follow up appointments, change out of those clothes and wear new ones.

I am tired of being a nagger and a party pooper really.

I like things to be hunky dory or auto piloting without issues.

But in a Covid affected world, I know it is impossible.

I am now an avid grocery shopper. In pr-covid days, I only grocery shopped once a month. These days, it is a weekly regimes and each time, I come back with trolley loads as I need to ensure 3 people are fed.

It used to be just me and my tummy and my tummy was fine with eating the same old stuff I cooked for the week.

I wish I had the culinary skills of Mr Search Consultant for his Chicken rice skills and Ms Executive Search for her pastry skills. She promised to bake me a chocolate fudge cake one of these days – when we are allowed to meet that is.

Dr Ortho has been kind to me. Yes, again!

He has been discussing how to manage my pain.

*Eyes rolling* – pain is such a bad four letter word really!

It seems my facet joints are protesting from the spinal implants.

He feels I need intervention of sorts.

Stem cell therapy was suggested but it is not covered by medical insurance and am sure it will cost me a bomb – a bomb I do not intend to detonate!

Long and short of it – I wonder if I will still be able to walk when I am 70 years old? Or maybe, with luck, I may have expired by then – then problem solved!!


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Home Chefs During Our Circuit Breaker – Partial Lockdowns In Lil Red Dot

Mr Recruiter’s swears by his Chicken Rice as most liked & enjoyed by hpis family. He has a secret chilli accompaniment For This Dish!

He plated the dish and his famous home made chicken rice chilli on the right. It does look yummy!

Lemon Sponge Cake – Baked by Ms Executive Search. She seems to me a rather good pastry chef. Below is another of her specialities – Chocolate Fudge cream cake.

Yes…budding chefs of sorts… at least they stay occupied working from home!

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