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The New Normal Of Life

on May 16, 2020

Never in my life had I anticipated a pandemic of this magnitude I am facing now with Covid.

I feel like such a dinosaur in these times but am really learning, re-learning things and discovering the new normalities of life.

What I once thought was impossible is now possible.

Physically I need not be present at a doctor’s clinic for consultation. But I prefer a face time with the doctor as sometimes, it is the personable time spent that allows the doctor to understand the nuances of my ailment.

Cooked food appearing at my door step is another one item that I would have baulked as I dislike sploshed noodles in the container or a nicely plated western dish looking like it survived a crash dummy test.

I end up making my own sandwiches for mum and dad. Ham, tomatoes, hydroponically grown butterhead lettuce and emmental cheese on buttered toasted bread with low glycemic index.

But I cannot blame the Food Panda or Grab Food delivery chappies who do the job as they are dashing about on pedal power and or driving to get food delivered.

In the world of Covid, gig economy wage earners are at a standstill. Their income is badly hit. They have to grab whatever that comes their way, no choosing of routes or preferences as $ is king in decision making.

Property agents as well as interior designers are also affected. No sales of properties and no workers to do interior design work.

Another sandwich choice comprising Danish lean back bacon, ham, on buttered toast, tomates, lettuce and on low glycemic toasted bread.

My company is ear marked to re-open on 2 June but there are strict rules to comply with:-

  1. Stagger work hours
  2. Split teams and shift
  3. No physical interaction
  4. Mask up at all times
  5. My employer must show reason as to why we cannot work from home (I have given them a ton of reasons but Eunuch is not accepting it)
  6. Hand sanitisers at traffic stop points
  7. Contact tracing and twice daily temperatures must be ensured
  8. The list goes on

Life is more in an isolation stage and we must learn to entertain selves with things to do that is within the confined spaces of home.

I wonder if theaters or cinemas will survive. I was told the screen time for the latest Bond movie was held back during Covid.

Will movie stars have jobs still?

Cat walks and runways for models are at a standstill too.

A lot of departmental stores have taken a hit. Macy’s I was told has shuttered in USA and I am wondering if Nordstrom is still around. Toys R Us has also gone.

Will restaurants survive this?

Can there be sweet romance still such as candle lit dinners, bouquets and whispering of sweet nothings instead of text messages?

I try to keep my old normal of having my inanimate furball next to me. Garfield is as raggedy as ever and he will need to wear his old togs as I cannot take him shopping for new jumper suits nor ask for recycled clothes from 0-6 months new born babies who do not fit it as some babies are just born bigger than normal.

What would the new normal for life be like for you?


15 responses to “The New Normal Of Life

  1. calmkate says:

    not vastly different … I volunteer but people are fearful enough of infecting paid staff so altho they claim to miss us we are not welcome anywhere just now.
    Must admit I bought a lovely Indian take away yesterday just to have someone else’s cooking! Your sandwiches look pretty nutritious, take care

  2. ralietravels says:

    Every generation has its major challenge to overcome, and change is constant. Somethings will never be the same. But I doubt there have ever been as many people in universities and business working a the same time on a vaccine as there are now; eventually it will be found and this disease conquered. But no, it will still not be the same. It never was.

  3. Kris says:

    I had to look up emmental cheese. I was surprised! A good sannich is a blessing!!!
    A lot of things are going to be different, especially in the US. Sweeping it under the rug isnt’ going to make it go away, in spite of the POTUS and crew.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Emmental is a good cheese when I want something stronger. So is Brie cheese. But I dislike Blue cheese as it is too pungent. Yes, we as a tiny state is going through so much change and I think USA as such a big country will face more. Stay strong. Stay safe and don’t let your guard down.

  4. Two things nobody knows: when it will end and what life will be like afterwards. For now, the important part is to stay safe!

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Agree – we do not know if it will ever end. Strangely enough we have 18 cases here whereby the recovered patients after more than 50 days of quarantine still testing positive. Finally our infectious disease experts said that they are infection free and that it is due to the virus shedding its dead cells! Scary this covid virus!

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