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British Humor & Fun Look At Pets

on May 30, 2020

12 responses to “British Humor & Fun Look At Pets

  1. quiall says:


  2. We’re good at humour, perhaps, because we don’t seem to have much else going for us!

    • Garfield Hug says:

      I need humor to forget about the miseries of life really LOL – well misery may be too stark a word for it but look at the world and how we live in it? It is scary and even scarier when Orange Man, who is in a world position to do a lot of things – not joining WHO, meddling with HK…I pity HK as it has gone through so much rioting that life as an economy cannot flourish and businesses are dying, not to mention job losses due to the disruptions. I wish each will look within their own country and help. Not fight. Not riot or cause more sadness.

      • Well said, GH, agree that humour (or humor) offers a handle on things when they’re so out of control – ultimately, though, it comes down to wise government responsive to the needs of all citizens, not just those who voted for them. A return to statesmanship, to use an old-fashioned word … yes, poor HK, fingers crossed for them!

  3. Normal cats? Really?

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