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Much Ado About Nothing!

on June 29, 2020

This morning I spent an hour going through a list of things needed for an audit for the Audit Lords.

It was ulcerating and did not help when Ms Blur Queen (who has since flown the coop and good riddance too!) did not do a proper hand over of sorts. It did not help my new comer, Ms Octopus, to work into the system.

After going through a long list of things and plan to do stuff the right way to fulfill the need for the glorified award of Mr Safety (he loves the glam life and to him, another award is an Emmy award of sorts to him).

There are different types of folks.

Some like to blend in with the walls.

Some like to shine under the bright lights, cameras and being decked up in their tuxedos or monkey suits for gents and ladies in their flowing gown and ornate bling blings.

Some like nothing to do with these events.

Then, I decided to send an email to the Governor of these things only to be told that the need to fulfil this has been postponed due to the Covid Pandemic!

I love it when a plan falls together without need to do anything.
I am one who does not like the glamourous lights, cameras or action shots. I am not one to blend in with the walls either as I make too much noise with my silly jibber jabber that would get people in stitches.

The only time I behaved was when I had to face a head of state. I was reminded not speak, just smile and nod politely. LOL! Meaningless really as the real me was to jibber jabber with the Dukes and Duchess of Yore.

I do not look to be with the famous but rather the opportunities arise when the famous seek me out for this or that.

Maybe I spew too much nonsense that it intrigues their straight minds and wonder what it is that I am trying to say. Perhaps there is sanity in my madness?

I really do not know but I am pleased they suss me out now and then for quick chats to figure out what can be done better, faster or more efficiently.

One response to “Much Ado About Nothing!

  1. scifihammy says:

    So you were sorting all this out and then it’s a non-event? Sucks!
    Covid has a lot to answer for!! 😀

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