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Man Goes Rogue & It Makes Me Think

Mr Rogue from Bangladeshi has gone rogue on me and it seems after he decided to stop working for us, he upped and left lil red dot without tax clearances nor cancelling his work permits.

Mr Rogue is going to be in a big barrel of trouble as he will never be allowed back to work in lil red dot and I wonder if he thought through his thinking process carefully.

By jumping ship with us and failing to serve notice after taking his paycheck, will put him in a poorer economic condition as his future earning capacity in lil red dot is closed. The likelihood of him getting barred from ever getting a work permit here is quite real.

What makes one do such things without a think through process?

Trouble with me, is that I think too much. Sometimes, I feel I over think things. But over thinking when compared to free wheeling (“under thinking) is a lot safer I feel.

I have these what ifs scenario and go through the pros and cons of any decision. Yes, often times, they say that over thinking, causes paralysis by fear.

Have I lost the gung ho, heck care throw caution to the wind spirit?

Yes – because I have got stung by bad decisions before when I did impulse decision making.

Case in point – I suck so bad at investment type decisions LOL!

I am better off putting my pennies in a simple savings account and earning chop change then deciding on something and having it fall flat in my face.

So much for risk appetite! Maybe this is why I am not a gazillionaire as my dollar is not working harder for me, instead I am working harder for my dollar.

I do envy the savvy businessmen who make big bucks in quick time. These are the real tycoons of the world that can be in the Forbes List of Who’s Who.

Well, if it is any consolation, I am in the list of Who’s Garfield’s mama LOL!


Social Distancing When You Chug Down Your 3rd Pint


Kite Speak

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Sounds About Right!


Good Laughs To End My Night

Sounds like a cat alright!!
I see it!!! Do you?
Good one!


Love may be romantic, leaving one in a whirl when chased.

Love may be unconditional when bonds or blood ties are matured.

Love may be elusive when unsure.

Love may be painful when spurned or betrayed.

Love may be heartfelt when right.

Love is touchy feely and not tangible.

Love is connectivity when mutual.

To love is to trust, unquestioned at all times?

Beats me…love to me is hugging and squooshing my inanimate furball Garfield….too painful to love animate beings as Shakespeare said it best…parting is such sweet sorrow.

And I rather not be a victim of love!


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