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on July 29, 2020

Love may be romantic, leaving one in a whirl when chased.

Love may be unconditional when bonds or blood ties are matured.

Love may be elusive when unsure.

Love may be painful when spurned or betrayed.

Love may be heartfelt when right.

Love is touchy feely and not tangible.

Love is connectivity when mutual.

To love is to trust, unquestioned at all times?

Beats me…love to me is hugging and squooshing my inanimate furball Garfield….too painful to love animate beings as Shakespeare said it best…parting is such sweet sorrow.

And I rather not be a victim of love!


9 responses to “Love

  1. drpassenger says:

    being a victim may be saddest part but being in love is one of the beautiful thing..

  2. Caffe says:

    Being a victim is generally not a fun thing. Also a victim of love. Every love, for a lover, for a child, for a parent. Because love must be free from the necessity of becoming a victim.

  3. Can I share it with my students, as we are discussing friendship and love tonight?

  4. Kris says:

    love makes chains of your own choosing. I’m not sure where mine are….

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