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My Stats Say I Have 2,698 Followers – Really? Hmm!

I seem to have a rather decent blog site or so it seems, as told to me by WP stats!

I am proud and happy that there are some 2,698 good folks out there sharing a laugh with me.

Stats do not mean much to me as I started blogging as a joy and along the way, I got very happy when I started getting “likes” – these “likes” got me going as if like a reward of sorts. Admittedly, I am hooked on “likes” – luckily, WP did not put in a “dislike” button as who is to know if I get more “dislikes” than “likes”! Silly me right?

I have been following and reading quite a few sites. These sites I have followed for the longest time and sometimes when I do not see them post, I will totter off to their site to see if there is a a glitch on my reader.

I remember some of the first sites I followed – Plant Electrician whose blog site is located at

I am so glad he is back posting again. He shares his past work life as an electrician in a plant and from the stories of his camaraderie and friendships with his colleagues, I could tell that he had a nice workplace environment where people looked out for one another.

It is amazing how I get to see how others work, live or have fantastic pets like Lil Binky and tales of his selfie with Grandpaw and Grandmaw.

I love how bloggers have great pooches and cats – even seeing eye guide dogs for The Secret Blind. There is my favorite Darth Vader, a magnificent black cat that is really handsome and does fun things for his owner to post about,

The world out there has so much to share and each time a blogger writes, I get to see a snippet of their life for that day with the nature in the garden, the things they see with their cameras and shared with me.

My thanks really to all the reads I have read and how they shared their challenges, lost a loved one in the family or a fun tale with their pet cat or dog or a new recipe or the creative foods they create.

A life of sharing and caring in the virtual world…all done in good sense and sensibility, in a community that respects each other and cares for each other.

Thank you WordPress for introducing me to the many blog sites and friends met.


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