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Monday Again…Life Goes On & On…

on August 3, 2020

Time flies and truly does not wait for anyone.

I am one of those that would flip through the newspapers and stop to read the obituaries as well. I have this morbid fear that I will not know if I have expired and so, the daily checking will act as telling my wandering soul in case it forgets, that I am a goner! LOL!

I am not afraid about my own death, but I do dread the loss of a loved one. I know I remind self that we are all not immortals and hence this is why, I am happy with my inanimate pet furball Garfield as he will not expire. He will vanish only if I left him somewhere and or lose him literally.

As I read through the obituaries, I pause to think over the penned lines of tributes to the decease.

One particularly nice one was when it said in print that a matriarch passed at age 86 surrounded by loved ones. I felt the warmth.

It must be grand to die surrounded by loved ones.

Sigh, I dare not think as if I will be surrounded by loved ones as I have none. What I do have are inanimate furballs.

I guess I will die surrounded by nurses and doctors and hey, they are my friends.

The realities of life and Mondays goes on…….


9 responses to “Monday Again…Life Goes On & On…

  1. scifihammy says:

    Good to know you’re not dead! 😀
    I think most of us feel in stasis right now with this endless pandemic! At least Monday must be nearly over for you. 😀

  2. I remember when I was young, my grandmother would make the “urn” of coffee, pour a cup, light a cig, and read the obits.

    When I asked her why she always read the back of the newspaper first, she said, “Because that’s where the obituaries are.” Not knowing, I asked what are obituaries?” She told me that was a list of people who had died in our area.

    After some confusion, I asked, “Are you looking for someone?” She replied, “Yes, me, that way if I’m not in there I can plan my day”

    …..true story, thanks, Eunice

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  4. jackcollier7 says:

    Some care for you deeply 🌹

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