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Best Laundry Instructions

on August 6, 2020

14 responses to “Best Laundry Instructions

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    Wow. This company is going to get cancelled on Twitter very soon.

  2. Garfield Hug says:

    Hoo boy! Bad for business when a mother is “dissed” to do the washing LOL!

  3. quiall says:

    I used to own ‘Tilley Endurables’ pants and their washing instructions were : “Give’ em Hell”. Great pants.

  4. THIS was laugh-out-loud funny!

  5. When my older son went to college, he called me for instructions how to iron a shirt. It appeared that he had gone downstairs and borrowed an iron from a girl. As I started explaining, he stopped me, then got on the phone and reported that he went downstairs again and borrowed a girl.

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