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Miracle Foods & I Think Again

on August 29, 2020

A lot has been thrown up to tell us of the goodness of miracle foods!

What are “miracle foods”?

Miracle foods are anything that works for some people or deemed to have good nutrients. Examples are chia seeds, cinnamon, turmeric, mung beans, quinoa and all sorts as it becomes a fad.

The humble oats is good for heart health but over the years, the more advertising other miracle foods get, the better it gets snapped up and oats is left behind.

I do believe in some simple good foods that are good for me. Oats is one. Barley is the other. These are not expensive as there are generic ones and even good ol Quaker oats is still affordable!

Cranberry juice minus the sugars in juices and now I pop as a pill has more efficacy than drinking litres of it.

My sister is strong proponent of miracle foods. She goes after cider vinegar, baking soda with lemon and chugs it down. I disagree with her. Does baking soda really help my digestive system when drinking it daily with lemon juice?

Some of my friends say drinking alkaline water is good for me. I drink tap water, boiled. In the office I drink bottled water from the dispenser. Drinking alkaline water reminds me of drinking car battery water! Does it work?

In my Asian culture, we too have our own miracle foods – the humble mung bean or green beans have become scarce as it is touted to avert Covid-19. In fact this green bean that people boil as a sweet dessert is touted to have defences against respiratory ailments as it cools the body’s system.

It tastes good and runs against my adage of what tastes good is bad for me. I take it occasionally minus the sugars and like it when it is made into a delectable treat of “tau sar piah” (crumbly cookie of Teochew origins) or “tau suan” eaten with chinese croissants.

Quinoa, I cannot stomach it as the taste is just weird. Boiled with rice it tastes yukky to me and it costs a bomb. Is it really good for me?

The humble white rice is pipped by brown rice and the pasta is now replaced with brown wheat pasta. Everything is now wholesome.

Yet the population of people with diabetes, heart health and everything else is going up. People are weekend warriors and yet they are not healthier.

Some drop dead during exercises – sudden death syndrome due to undetected underlying health conditions.

So what is a miracle food?

Is it one size fits all?

I like to think of moderation and a blogger once shared how her mother is still fit and spritely with good mental faculties as she was strict with diet for the family. Do pop by her site as she has a really big dog that weighs many pounds and her fun reads at

I think the base of one’s health starts from young. I had a tough growing up time as I had to work hard at temp jobs and study hard. I do not eat luxurious foods and ate to survive. I worked 3 jobs and it involved stacking supermarket shelves, heavy carton lifting too.

Perhaps all this led to my current state of poor health. The years of hard labor has taken its toll on my body and thinking when young, it is ok to work hard and build a strong economic base to sustain adult life.

Health is wealth and I agree as even if someone drops a sack of one million dollars on the road and I found it, I would not even be able to lug it home for keeps LOL! (*There is a law in lil red dot that finders is not keepers and technically, I would have had to haul it to the Police Station)

So, the moral of my story is, eat what works for you. If it costs a lot of money to buy it, check your pocket food and if it is unaffordable switch to simple greens, fruits and normal foods, we would eat.

Mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, fish and meats or nuts or lentils if you are a vegan and live with moderate exercising.

Life is not about designer foods or fads that come our way.

Eat what works for you and if it is quinoa and all great stuff then go for it!

Stay healthy and keep hygiene top of the list to avoid that dastardly Covid-19 and mask up!

5 responses to “Miracle Foods & I Think Again

  1. Neethu says:

    In india too thanks to covid we have all the routine normal foods and spices getting a fancy name and being sold in the name of immunity boosters…eat local think global… seasonal and fresh produce is the new trend now..😀 as for me I hate quinoa too😖

  2. lbeth1950 says:

    Thank you for your kind referral. My mother will be delighted to know you spoke well of her. Reblogging.

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