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3 Biker Chicks – Erm I Meant 3 Awesome Ladies On Bikes

on August 31, 2020

On my way to the supermarket, I was surprised to see 3 ladies on awesome looking motorcycles.

They were in their early 30s, 1 with cool army jacket, another with a jacket screaming SAIGON and the third just wearing a white T shirt. 2 of them had tattoos on their necks and exposed backs where their butts were as their jackets were cropped.

One was on a Harley Davidson or we call, a “hog”

Another was on a motorcycle with larger than life tyres.

The 3rd was on a motorcycle with high handle bars such that she literally had to stretch to grab the handle bars.

As they lined in front of my car, 3 abreast and taking 2 lanes, I was tempted to take their photos as their backs faced me. But I decided otherwise as their licence plates were visible and it would not be good to post it even after blacking it out, just in case some smart person could actually remove the black out.

Nary a care in the world as they rode their bikes and I was wondering why they could afford not to work as it was a work day and the way they were dressed indicated they were not working.

Perhaps a girl’s day out and in real life, they held professions that would make me blink e.g. a lawyer, teacher or an accountant!

HA! That is just me being silly! But who knows?

I would never be like one of them as I am afraid to be on 2 wheelers in Singapore as nasty traffic accidents happen and it usually leaves one quite dead else maimed or paralysed waist down!

I will just admire them for their guts and capability to be on awesome makes of motorcycles….


25 responses to “3 Biker Chicks – Erm I Meant 3 Awesome Ladies On Bikes

  1. PaperKutzs says:

    Oh boy, what a sight…lol

  2. scifihammy says:

    Nice to see this unusual sight of girls on bikes. Thanks for the descriptions. 😀

  3. Riding a Harley is fun! Just don’t have long hair loose while doing it… that hurts!

  4. Kris says:

    My motorbike was ages ago and simple. I won’t do that again..I’m not confident enough to balance now.
    I like seeing couples or ladies driving street bikes. Powerful.

  5. I was a motorcycle girl in my college years. Lots of fun!

  6. Two things I’d like to be able to do – rice a motor cycle and deep sea diving. Unfortunately, I cannot tolerate anything over my face, so that’s out. Nearly 50 years ago a man broke into my home and tried to smother me with a pillow. I have a very difficult time wearing a mask because of the virus, but I know I have to, so I just try not to be anyplace where I have to wear it very long.

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