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Sunday Meanderings Of The Brain

on October 18, 2020

Sunday has not left me rested as my brain is firing off in different think thoughts.

For work, I had to send a memo to minions, reminding them that they must submit receipts for reimbursements before we close 2020. Minions forget and tend to dawdle and submit when they feel like it in future years.

But Money Bags has financial rules and I understand it but minions don’t.

I cannot fathom why people don’t wish to claim back expenses and sit on it?! They must be rich! Or they have different priorities?

I am always disciplined to put up claims within a week, maximum delay of two weeks. Afterall, it is my hard earned cash!

Next, my brain tried to find resolve in making a surgical decision.

But, I came up blank. I do not know how to make a decision just yet.

Sometimes things are not as easy as it seems.

Tossing a coin?

Using tic tac toe?

Using eeny meenie minie moe perhaps?

Beats me!

I continue to ponder….

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