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No Outcomes Yet For USA Elections But Circus Begins

on November 6, 2020

I can really empathise with the Americans at this stage of the elections as it has become so divisive and even if any leader emerges, every American would have lost.

I would hate it if the public went so far as to go against the parties each candidate represented and start to have riots or statements to tell those to remain in their states or this or that does not apply to you as you voted for the other party.

Governments are meant to lead and bring people together and I sincerely hope that Orange Man plays a fair hand and not obstruct the counting process. Let the citizens vote and have their voices heard.

I guess both must be magnanimous to concede defeat as there can only be 1 winner and not 2.

Life goes on for everyone I guess but what is key is that groups do not form and get polarised to start riots or cause unnecessary hardship for others who may innocently be caught in the crossfire.

I sincerely hope that professionalism, political courtesy and kindness prevail so that each person will be able to live in peace, harmony and equality so that America can be the big leader it can be for other countries to emulate.

All I can say is that both Presidential hopefuls must be feeling the heat and pressures. Is it really worthwhile at the end of it all? All the stress, anger, hatred or decisions to take or make must bear down hard on health.

May the best man wins and may the electors have their votes counted and heard.

Good luck America on the outcomes of choice……

6 responses to “No Outcomes Yet For USA Elections But Circus Begins

  1. michnavs says:

    Indeed GH.. we can all empathize….

  2. Thank you for writing this.

  3. mistermuse says:

    The wait is now over,
    Election outcome now clear:
    Joe Biden has won, and The
    Donald can cry in his beer.

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