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David Kwo’s Final Painting Gifted To Me By Mr Architect

on November 15, 2020
David Kwo Cat2

Mr Architect knows that I adore my inanimate furball Garfield, a character created by Jim Davis.

But being the hoity toity bourgeoise personality that Mr Architect is, he felt the need to give me a gift of value through an art form.

I loved Garfield and since he hobnobs with artists of certain stature, he zeroed in on Mr David Kwo who paints cats!

He took the trouble to attend an art sale and had this piece painted by David Kwo bought as a gift for me. David Kwo passed away shortly after. David Kwo painted this at age 84 years old.

It is amazing that David Kwo can still hold a steady hand to complete this art piece for me. I was told it had 99 cats but I have not been able to count all 99 cats just yet.

I admit I am a dog lover but given Garfield is a cat, I have become a feline appreciator of solely Garfield as an inanimate cat. Still, this painting of David Kwo is much treasured as appreciated as it came from a dear friend who took the trouble to commission this for me and I cannot remember if it was for my birthday or Christmas.

Thank you Mr Architect for giving me a gift that is unique!

Mr Architect is happily based in Shanghai and living the life of a master of his sprawling house there. I am happy he is a successful businessman and has the ability to live a life that he enjoys – opera, fine wine, fine foods, classy outfits!

2 responses to “David Kwo’s Final Painting Gifted To Me By Mr Architect

  1. Wow! This is a precious and valuable gift.

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