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A World Unimaginable As We Digitalize

on November 17, 2020

I belong to an odd generation of people that must innovate or die or be left behind to rot amongst the “unsmarts” – I am always caught in the middle!

By the time I am onto something, something new pops up that requires me to be up to speed on.

My work requires me to be IT savvy. I learnt to Zoom or use Teams for teleconferences as Covid ravaged the business world. I learnt how to approve payroll for more than 300 persons using E spreadsheets versus the old days of paper copies to check.

I do digital sign offs that are legally binding.

Suddenly webinars are everywhere for me to sign up and best of all, it is free!

I work harder whilst working from home. Time is not a factor as web based meetings can be called after working hours and Lords prefer to do their personal errands and start meetings when it suits them after 5pm.

Drones are used to manage the checks and balances of building works.

Tons of software for safe management measures – digital forms, QR codes, scan to enter and exit, Trace Together Apps, Banking Apps, Payment Apps, all sorts of apps.

I cannot imagine how my parents could survive in an economy like now. They are dinosaurs of the paper world and it is a challenge for seniors to keep up with scanning a QR code to pay for a bowl of noodles when they do not even know how to use android or smartphones.

I marvelled at how China has its seniors on board as it seems they used payless systems which gave Alibaba, WeChat and TaoBao online services for online systems to run their lives.

There are some things I am resistant to. I try not to use digital payments as I am wary of hackers and the world of cyber crimes.

Although I am not a gazillionaire, I am worried about unsuspecting seniors who get scammed and cheated of their life’s savings.

I really hate to be left behind and am worried that as the mega trends of IT and digitalisation progresses, I may become a new dinosaur in the new world.

My refusal to order online, do online shopping or stick to traditional newsprint instead of e copies is my style of trying to retain the old normal as I take parts of the new normal to adapt to.

I just cannot accept the thought of having groceries arriving with some rotting leaves or less fresh or not personally selecting the fish, meats or poultry.

Yes, I got to change.

Yes, I have innovated and become a digital nomad. (definition: a person who uses technology for work.) But I am not a coder or programmer to devise or figure which ports or LAN cable points to hook up my TV boxes as I leave that to the TV guy. Some things are best left to people who need to do it, to earn a living haha!

12 responses to “A World Unimaginable As We Digitalize

  1. Kris says:

    It is interesting how some older folks embrace the technology and some do not. My MIL cannot understand how to use her cell phone. She hides cash in her room. She has a banking account and uses checks or cash. She has real newspapers and finds it fascinating when Little Bear takes photos of places and shows them to her on a TV screen. I’m in between. I love it and am learning mine is outdated and dying and cannot be replaced at this time, so back to paper and pencils for most of my stuff!!

    • Garfield Hug says:

      At a point in our lives, we will be a dinosaur as IT is moving at break neck speed. I am chicken hearted and will not let my car take over with parking assist. My car is an IT machine and once thought I was going to crash, took over and braked! I was stunned and experienced it first hand. So I am apprehensive with driverless cars especially if cyber hacked. Then we are in trouble.

  2. Cathy Cade says:

    I retired ten years ago. As a University Learning Resources Manager I was fairly tech-savvy; Student IT support was part of my remit and – as well as good, old-fashioned books – we managed the online databases for Law, IT, EngLit… – well, everyone.
    I was surprised, a few years back, to find how quickly I had sunk into a digital backwater. Formatting our writing group’s anthologies for print dragged me kicking and screaming back into online research and tutorials. Playing with covers for my own books has forced me, reluctantly, to delve into image manipulation (I’m on a pension here).
    Back in the day, I was Renaissance Woman where IT was concerned, having been an enthusiast since exploring my ZX Spectrum while breast-feeding my daughter. Returning to work in a sixth form centre library had me managing our Windows for Workgroups PCs (yes – that long ago) with occasional tech support from a teacher at one of our feeder schools. I moved on from there to FE and HE.
    I’m operating from home now and there’s only me to inconvenience if I screw things up but, as the world moved on from Renaissance Man and relegated him to history, so has IT moved on. We can only do our best to keep up with out own little corner of the digital world.

    • Garfield Hug says:

      You are brave Cathy to continue to strive towards being IT savvy and keeping up. Thank you for a wonderful share as you remind those struggling with IT to be brave and plod on. I admire your strength and tenacity to catch upπŸ‘πŸ€—

  3. calmkate says:

    Impressive, you are way ahead of me … I still have a ‘dumb’ phone that I seldom take anywhere. It stays at home and records messages. I seldom get into the digital world but have bought a couple of things online … blogging is as digital as I get!

    Be very wary of china controlling their seniors, they have to … nobody has more than one child and they usually live in the big cities far from their aged folks 😦

    • Garfield Hug says:

      ‘Dumb’ phones are safest as hard to hack. Analog or 3G compared to now 4G and soon 5G. China is a force to contend with and I do see them as the economic driver alongside Vietnam. Nice to be laid back like you, not slaving for anyone but for what you liked. Proud of you Kate. You have achieved early retirement well!πŸ‘πŸ˜˜

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