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Death Know No Bounds! Thank Goodness I Am Surrounded By Kindness

on November 20, 2020

People around me are dropping like flies and the sad part is, they should not as Death robbed them way too soon.

Mr X joined my company some 4 months ago and on the 4th month, he did a health screen as he suddenly started losing weight.

The usual colonoscopy was done amongst other tests. He was diagnosed with 2 large tumors in his liver and pancreas – inoperable and end stage.

On 16 November 2020, I was told he succumbed to the cancer and passed at age 38, leaving behind a wife and 2 young children. Mr X originates from the Philippines and became a permanent Resident of lil red dot.

My heart went out to him as all I could do in the last month or so was to check in and ask how he was doing and if the immunotherapy shots delivered by his oncologist was helping him. It is apparent it did not and he spent $1,800 plus per injection. Thankfully he had a good insurance plan.

Then, Mr Vendor I know who jokes and laughs with me or gets a thwacking now and then for not doing things right, suffered a stroke.

I am unsure how Mr Vendor is doing as periodic updates from his colleague said that he managed to come out of the coma but unsure what faculties are affected. He is in his 30s.

I am sad. But I also know that life is fragile and Death knows no bounds. It claims anyone, anytime, without care on age, looks or physical being.

just when I am enveloped by all this sadness, I was suddenly embraced with the kindness of a neighbor, that I say “hi and bye” to whenever we meet in the underground car park where we live.

Out of the blue Ms Neighbor asked me why is it she hardly saw me those times and I explained to her that I was ill and hospitalised.

Next thing I knew, she started to send me cooked dinners.

Top: Baked mackerel fish with assorted vegetables Bottom: Stewed chicken with stir fried nai bai vegetables. Each boxed dinner was served with a side of rice and a bowl of soup.

I am blessed by her kindness and eat every morsel with appreciation and thanks as she need not do. She is not paid for any of these meals and does it out of the kindness and goodness of her heart.

These are local Teochew pastries called Tau Sar Piah. It comes in sweet or salty filling versions. I bought some to give to Ms Neighbor as I feel it is nice to reciprocate her kindness as she will not take money.
I also added some egg tarts for her and hopes it is tasty.

Luckily Ms Feisty walked past a bakery shop and she asked me if I needed anything. Timely, as I could buy these for Ms Neighbor to enjoy.

I love Charlie Brown’s philosophy and agree.

My life has been filled with good and kind people and this extends even to doctors that treat me.

I appreciate the kindness of people and just as I mourn the loss of people I meet, I am reminded of the positives of those that are alive.

My belief is simply this; we meet for a reason and part when karma ends.

This is why some friends feature more in one’s life at one point or another than others.

Happy weekend ahead.

6 responses to “Death Know No Bounds! Thank Goodness I Am Surrounded By Kindness

  1. MELewis says:

    Oh, dear. So sorry for all these losses amongst your entourage. November is a terrible month and this year is worse than ever. So glad you have kind neighbours though. That food looks delicious!

    • Garfield Hug says:

      2020 is not a good year all round for the world and its people. I sincerely hope that 2021 will be better for all. Yes, for all the lousy things in life, I have learnt to be grateful for the little things or joy it brings to me

  2. Sorry about your losses, darling. I also lost a very dear friend last week, so I know how you feel.
    Sending blessings your way!

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