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In Between Appointments….

on November 25, 2020

I do not like to lose time and I get annoyed when I have slots of times in between appointments, leaving me with a neither here nor there situation.

It means neither can I start on something as I cannot do much and get interrupted when I have to embark on the other appointment.

So here I am in between appointments, I get to do a blog post.

The day has been chokeful of work stuff. My lovely neighbor cooked fish curry indian style and provided me with naan, prata and basmati rice cooked with raisins. She wanted me to have extra for breakfast tomorrow too.

Good news is that this is our 12th day without community cases and just learnt that Vietnam has gone 81 days without community cases. I am happy.

How it works to have zero community cases is that both citizen and government cooperates, working together to manage the spread.

Of course as a citizen I feel the restraint of freedom to go about without a mask but I am not an idiot to know that this works against me.

I learnt that it is my responsibility to do my part to ensure everyone’s safety.

There is a lot of temptation too – drinking or partying but this has resulted in their being caught and charged in court for behaving that way during a lockdown.

Many will scream…freedom to act, freedom to speak but we have all that except we do it with respect and not insult other people’s race or religion. I was very sad about the Paris incident and that must never happen here as we have 4 major racial groups; Chinese, Malays, Indians and Others.

My neighbor is Chinese, I am Chinese but we are all united as Singaporeans.

Food unites us and the food that my neighbor cooked for me is Indian.

I am also glad that our pitch for Hawker Culture to be listed as a UNESCO heritage item.

Yes, food makes us happy.

Food creates friendships.

Food feeds the hungry and the celebrant.

Stay safe and healthy please.

7 responses to “In Between Appointments….

  1. tanvibytes says:

    What a lovely neighbor! That looks yum! 😊

  2. Wonderful neighbor – you are blessed, darling! Be well and stay safe.

  3. As the others have said, you have a lovely neighbor. Now, if there is left over rice, I have a bread recipe that called for cooked rice, and Basmati gives the bread a lovely. almost sweet, flavor.

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