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Sunday Laughs

on November 29, 2020

I wish I was slim and trim….it is the dream of every woman and to be healthy.

Funny thing is that the toon above looks chubby and cute…so is my inanimate furball Garfield.😉

But you see chockies and goodies are too tempting.

Sometimes weight gain is an effect of steroids to control auto immune diseases and sheesh, I know I received a lot of that in surgeries.

But I cannot give up. I gotta plod on as it seems the Big Guy upstairs is relentless and takes delight in poking me as much as I poke Orange Man.🤣

MR EX was like that. .high tailed thinking I was looking for benefits but I have the last laugh.

Until I find the purrfect guy…non existent really mind you, Garfield will do.

People come, people go….and I am happy sleeping however I want, wherever I want with my inanimate furball.

Marriage is a tough act…blanket tugging, snoring, living for another etc

Happy Sunday folks…eat, laugh and live. Put up the X’mas tree!

And remember to disinfect! Alcohol best disinfectant for the mouth 🤣🤣🤣

10 responses to “Sunday Laughs

  1. tanvibytes says:

    🤣🤣🤣the disinfectant

  2. Cathy Cade says:

    chubby and cute does it for me!

  3. She could have made him a Phillip’s Screwdriver – Vodka and Milk of Magnesia. (yuck)

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