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A lot has been written about the vaccine….
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Saturday Think Thoughts

I do have a serious side. But this serious side is the one that I take to work or doing community work.

My loony, crazy side appears in my blog posts or when I feel the need to break out and overcome stress.

Covid-19 has been talking about new normal, people struggling with mental wellness whilst working from home etc.

As a person who manages humans, before Covid-19, Lords wanted all humans in the office. To see minions is to know they are “working” – but I am aware of “present absenteeism.”

Humans are a wily lot and if given a chance to get the better of others, they will and the humans I have are capable of surfing the internet, pretending to look busy but actually googling or doing things on social media. Hey this is human nature!

When working from home, they have to divide selves to attend to family needs as well as work conference calls – 2 new terms; Microsoft Teams call or Zoom calls.

There is no luxury of spacing out and doing things in your own zone.

This is the struggle of mental wellness I feel.

I am happy to work from home as I do not get distracted from silly walk in humans to grumble about this or that or just to shoot the breeze. But the working hours are very long as I start at 7am and do not finish till I fall asleep as apps messaging and emails continue with the technology we have.

Productivity increases for me and I can use my time to do laundry or chores, before and after work from my home desk without loss of travel time.

I do not need the noise of office. But on the reverse, Ms Feisty needs the noise and chit chats as she cannot work from home. The isolation bugs her and she is in her zone to be in the office to get things done. I am ok with that and with split team arrangements, I then stay home.

Many that I spoke with, alluded this to the “plague” and the more religious will try and share with me, that this is a sign from the heavenly realm for us to behave and improve selves. Almost like a doomsday call.

I fail in the arena of religion as I am a methodical, think thought person. I look for the science of things instead of the blind faith. I questioned religion alot in my earlier posts as I was sliced and diced so much that left me without a proper explanation.

If I used religion it would be “God is punishing me. I must have been a bad person”

Or, “God is making you suffer like he suffered” – but I know I am not saint material and canonisation is not anywhere near on my list.

When I could not get answers from the priests of my faith, I voted with my feet and left all piousness behind.

I live by conscience. I behave and do nothing that is untoward to humans. But I am honest to say that I will give it back as hard as those who slam me or try to put me down. So far, only my siblings have been the most unkind lot to me and I avoid them. Lately the “brother” (blood ties only) is behaving thuggish and honestly, I have no time for his nonsense. They are the ones that drive me to use the “F” word when talking to them as they are an unkind, horrible lot.

How do I find resolve for my bucket load of medical issues?

if I use religion, “God has helped by making each surgery a success” – this is a positive approach

“God sent the right white coats my way” – but I interview, do due diligence and test the White Coats before I entrust them to slice and dice me

“God did not give me a terminal disease” – a swifter death would be better I feel.

There are a lot of reasons that the mind or brain can conjure to appease the enquiring mind.

I prefer to say that the outcomes are the outcomes I have based on intelligence, mindfulness and demeanour to resolve things, coupled with the MOST important ingredient “LUCK”

I believe in LUCK and without it, I don’t believe that things would be as they are for me today.

I also believe that that are many good deities out there who have helped me, alongside God. What God cannot do, others helped.

This is my simplistic think thought.

It is to me, to be loony, zany than 100% responsible, serious and carrying the weight of the world on my poor shoulders. I have been carrying heavy loads and I don’t like but I cannot offload.

So, as a release valve, I stay loony at times when I need.

This way, there is sanity in insanity.



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