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Miffy Poses & Miya Tales #50

on January 21, 2021

Ms Feisty has been so swamped at work like me that she has had no time to share photos of Miffy or Miya.

So when I asked her today to take some photos, she obliged.

The usual stare down….Miffy is like saying,” you small twerp…behave yourself. I am Queen Miffy. You are my servant. Behave!”
Miya on the right has plumped up and Ms Feisty shared that Miya eats non stop. Compared to Miffy, she eats double portions

5 responses to “Miffy Poses & Miya Tales #50

  1. Is Miss Feisty, Miffy? I can relate. Looks like my Monkey

  2. Nobody owns cats! Cats own the house and let humans serve them. Miffy certainly looks regal, but Miya is catching up. She is a growing child.

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