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Neighbor’s Cooking Week 18 Jan 21 to 22 Jan 21

on January 22, 2021

Monday’s Lunch Menu

Kimchi Ramen with pork, fish and slice fish cake

Kimchi Soup

Kimchi soup chokeful of kimchi, egg and Sprouts to be poured over the ramen in first photo
Black beans cooked in vinegar, left to ferment for a week and can be eaten 1 teaspoon each time. It has medicinal value to help the stomach and lower blood pressure
A tub of home made kimchi was also given to me by Neighbor

Monday’s Dinner Menu

Slice pork soup cooked with Tang Oh vegetable
Sweet sour mackerel fish with rice

Tuesday’s Lunch Menu

Pork rib soup cooked with melon and goji berries
Fried vermicelli with veggies

Tuesday’s Dinner Menu

Salad with Jamie Oliver’s balsamic vinegar (my own dressing)
Pasta with minced beef and carrots

Wednesday’s Dinner Menu

Fried rice witg beans, egg and pork
Served witb double boiled pork ribs with melon soup

Kitchen was closed on Thursday as Neighbor’s grandson was unwell and she had to stand in for her daughter who works.

Friday, tonight was dinner with the lads and lasses.

4 responses to “Neighbor’s Cooking Week 18 Jan 21 to 22 Jan 21

  1. Not a fan of kimchi but that black bean concoction looks interesting.

  2. tanvibytes says:

    Wow! You are so lucky! Your neighbor is an amazing cook! 😁 This looks so amazing! Which was your favorite dish? 😅

  3. First foods I like that you’ve mentioned..
    The Vermicelli and The Salad.

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