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Miffy Poses & Miya Tales #51

Getting ready for Chinese Lunar New Year, both Miffy and Miya were brought to the groomers by Ms Feisty.

Stretching by Miya
Miffy probably dreaming about sparring with another cat?

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Inclusivity Best Described – Sharing Lil Red Dot’s National Pledge

National Pledge Of Singapore

“We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.”


The Only Green Thumbs That I Have, Grew These….

An onion in my basket of garlic and such decided to sprout a shoot.

Without any spare soil, I decided to try and grow it using water – hydroponically speaking LOL.

The onion bulb itself will be sufficient nutrients for the spring onion to emerge. At least I hope it will 😅

Meanwhile, my money plant is doing fairly well, enjoying the breezy winds and daily watering.

I try to twirl the creeping plant, wrapping it in between the other leaves. I had set the base with disposable chopsticks that I re-purposed for this. It grows rogue style LOL!

My pot of cactus or cacti (as it has little sproutings) has not blossomed. I wonder if this species of cactus is indeed a flowering type!? Hmm…

Anyway…Happy Sunday evening on my end….Master Chef Singapore is programmed for 9.30pm. I am curious how the engineering student, air stewardess, dentist and property agent will fare.

Good luck to the cook off! May the best chef wins.

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Are Memories Worth Recalling Or Keeping?

I do not have a lot of memories and whatever I have or gained in the years post surgeries are not worth remembering is how I feel.

You might ask me – WHY?

Memories to me are the past and I do not wish to relive the past as there is really nothing much to relive and remember pain, suffering and how things did not turn out the way I had hoped for.

I tend to live in the now and the present as what good can memories do to help me?

To remember how I trusted the wrong people? Remind myself for being silly thinking that knowing a person since childhood or as a young adult is knowing that person truly?

To remember bosses from hell? Not worth it!

To remember siblings for not caring? I don’t need to suffer the anguish and expectations of having a sibling in name despite same blood that course veins.

I am not being dark or ungrateful if you think I am.

What is the purpose of memories? Some say it is to relive the good moments. Hmm…I don’t have a lot of those and to me, a good moment is watching a nice soapie or a nice dinner with a person in the here and now and walk away.

I am glad that anaesthesia wiped away a lot of my memories – both good and bad.

The trouble is that being human, I have expectations and this is so wrong.

There is nothing in the manual (if there is such a manual) that siblings are expected to care for each other or for their parents.

There is nothing in that same manual to say that relationships between man and woman are expected to be served in a certain manner.

MR EX is a good example. He purports to care for the world and family but in all the decades I have known him, I was never in his totem pole of care unless I was needed to be a rainmaker or to do something of use to him.

Lords of work places will value me for the service I provide and nothing more. I am obliged to serve my sentence as I am paid. I cannot expect thanks and or appreciation as I am a paid minion. It is also wrong to think that relationships or friendships can be built especially in organisations with more than 300 minions.

I must learn to walk away from siblings thinking they owe me due care or that they owe due care to our parents. I really cannot expect that and it is wrong of me to do so.

Life then gets to be less painful as no expectations and if things are done in a surprising manner, wouldn’t that lift my spirits!

I am silly I know but this is my coping mechanism to continue in my journey of life and pooh pooh away the thought of having or storing memories.

Live spartanly, lesser baggage and life gets better all round I feel.


Strange Why Thyme Is Lesser

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Even Dogs Have Gone Digital


How To Enhance Your Resume


How A Haircut Changes Look


Leaving You With All Things Good!

Good night!


Saturday….Fun Day For Think Thoughts

Saturdays are routinely laundry, scrubbing toilets, clearing newspapers for the week and wipimg the floors.

Bane of anyone who has a home without a bevy of domestic helpers or butlers! That’s me!

All these glasses…bah..waste of time…trust your instincts is what I say.

I wish I can slouch like the cat above haha!

My doctors will benefit from this for me