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Almost Thursday…

on February 24, 2021

Ok so my left paw is heavily swollen. I know both my paws need to be chopped and restructured but gee…give me a break.

Surely the great deities or higher forces can consider giving me a break till August 2021 when I am more disposed to being incarcerated in Bates Motel for my annual pilgrimage with White Coats!🙄

Poor man…nagging wife syndrome
I am in trouble if I have this White Coat!
Sounds like a plan!
A coping mechanism

8 responses to “Almost Thursday…

  1. tanvibytes says:

    Haha 😂 the last one…

  2. The last one was on point!

  3. Cathy Cade says:

    no. 3 appeals to me…

  4. I hope you feel better, darling!

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