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The Only Green Thumbs That I Have, Grew These….

on February 28, 2021

An onion in my basket of garlic and such decided to sprout a shoot.

Without any spare soil, I decided to try and grow it using water – hydroponically speaking LOL.

The onion bulb itself will be sufficient nutrients for the spring onion to emerge. At least I hope it will 😅

Meanwhile, my money plant is doing fairly well, enjoying the breezy winds and daily watering.

I try to twirl the creeping plant, wrapping it in between the other leaves. I had set the base with disposable chopsticks that I re-purposed for this. It grows rogue style LOL!

My pot of cactus or cacti (as it has little sproutings) has not blossomed. I wonder if this species of cactus is indeed a flowering type!? Hmm…

Anyway…Happy Sunday evening on my end….Master Chef Singapore is programmed for 9.30pm. I am curious how the engineering student, air stewardess, dentist and property agent will fare.

Good luck to the cook off! May the best chef wins.


One response to “The Only Green Thumbs That I Have, Grew These….

  1. My grandmother used to grow spring onions on the window seal all throughout winter. Just make sure there is enough water, and it will grow.

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