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Short Week

on March 30, 2021

With Good Friday and Easter weekend looming, it means I have 2 more work days to the long weekend.

Commando has taken over Ms Blur. I gave Ms Blur the boot as her excuses of not being able to work was the last straw I could stomach.

If she is not having the runs, she is extracting teeth. Next she claims she fell, then her mom is very ill. She adds on her father as a borrower from loan sharks and that she is saddled with a 5 digit debt.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not unsympathetic but on the contrary very compassionate. Too compassionate as I tolerated her rubbishy ways till it hit my level of get lost mark!

Her con stories has made me snappish with Commando. I give no empathy nor compassion and bark at him when he forgets. I have no room for a repeat Ms Blur attitude.

Will Commando make it?

It is left to be seen but I am very harsh and snappish – not letting up. Afterall he is a Commando and if he can hack it in the army, I am sure he can survive my demanding style.

2 responses to “Short Week

  1. I am sure you need employees you can depend on. But don’t be overly harsh or your guy might quit.

  2. Love the turtle dilemma. I think the poor turtle is both homeless and inadequately dressed, as homeless people tend to be, sadly.
    Your Ms Blur sounds like she never grew up past first grade – you know, “the dog ate my homework” type of excuse. I had a student like that once; he buried 5 grandmothers in one semester. Needless to say, he failed the course.

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