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D.I.Y Bidet

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Guess Who Has The Last Laugh?

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Candlenut At Como – 17 Dempsey

Chef Malcolm Lee personally created the menus and dishes. Mr Nice and I were lucky that he was the chef tonight and served up our tasting menu we selected at SGD98+ 7% GST +10% service per pax.

Click on the menu to see it at 100% readable.

I chose Limau Assam Boi at SGD9 a glass. Mr Nice had a white wine spritzer.

Our dinner menu begins…

Kueh Pie Tee with free range chicken for me and boston lobster for Mr Nice.
Appetizer #2 – morsels of rice with spices
Roti Jalal
A close up of roti jalal
White Bait soup with doufu, seaweed and mushroom. Very tasty!

Pork buah keluak…a signature dish that was served with white rice
Fish curry
Fruit rojak served in pockets
Belly pork with runny egg yolk which I did not like the runny egg yolk. I should have asked the eggs to be fried without runny yolks.
Best dessert platter. Starting from my left, clockwise…coffee caramel, tempeh cookie, Ubi Ketuk or tapioca steamed and sprinkled with coconut flakes. Last, in a bowl…mamgo bits, with aloe vera and chia seeds.

Worth every penny! It earned One Michelin star! Well done Chef Malcolm Lee.

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Old Friends, Old Times…

Linus’ wisdom

Mr Nice made the effort to arrange dinner with me tonight.

His choice venue was Candlenut, a one Michelin star Peranakan restaurant located at Como in the heart of a happening foodie enclave at Dempsey.

I will do a separate post on the food as it was AMAZING!

I did not need to bring my satchets of sauces 😉

Mr Nice’s message to me was “wind down” as I need to savour my living years. He was worried that I will not have a life to enjoy or wind down to.

He felt my stressful job, demanding care for my elderly parents and my own challenging health condition was a major worry. He lost his eldest sister, mother and father last year in 2020.

I felt his sincere care, love and appreciate it. He was not in anyway like MR EX. Mr Nice was right in that MR EX was never there for me.

Good friends are hard to come by and to have Mr Nice care for me, I am very blessed.

I also met with Kampung Kaki volunteer, Mr Tourist Guide.

Mr Guide is doing his own tourist tours of local Singapore sights. His own small business and he takes small groups out to see historical sights of Lil Red Dot.

His regret was not helping his late mum and now he wants to pay forward and I was lucky to have him paired with my parents as a volunteer to help me.

I am a bit relieved now as I have some form of relief to help lessen my load. I hope Mr Guide will help my parents and I with Ms Helpful (another volunteer).

I am tired after a long day of errands and will work on my post about the lovely dinner date with Mr Nice. I enjoyed my dinner very much.

Hope you will enjoy seeing the fine cuisine then.

Good night. Garfield hugs.

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Best Diet Tip Ever

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Do You See What I See?

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Xavier’s Wit & Wisdom #51

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