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Easter Sunday….

on April 4, 2021

Singapore is relaxing more measures against Covid-19 as vaccines are rolled out. No more split teams required but no cross deployments allowed still.

At the last report, almost 1 million – 950,000 have been vaccinated.

I will be happy when herd immunity is achieved for my lil red dot.

Meanwhile, from 5 April, up to 75% of us are allowed back to office. But Eunuch wants 100% back at the office as his belief is that 25% will be out for meetings. My guess is if safe distancing officers from the goverment does a surprise visit, his math better add up!

The quarantining of visitors are proving effective as we do get alot of Covid cases blocked at the ‘gates’ of quarantine.

How the universe began perhaps?

I am back 100% from Tuesday as I needed a day off to bring my folks for their medicals. I will miss work from home as I save an extra hour and can start work fast whereas going to the office requires me to be up at 5.30am and hit the roads by 6.45am to be at my desk by 7.15am.

How it began!

Happy Easter folks and I hope you had a fun time doing the easter egg hunt with your kids or nieces and nephews!

3 responses to “Easter Sunday….

  1. Good luck going back to the office, darling! Stay safe!

  2. tanvibytes says:

    Omg those chocolate eggs… My eyes! My eyes! I have to erase the image from my memory 😂

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