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A Shocker At Work

on April 6, 2021

Monday night I received a message from a peer that she was told to leave her job….marching orders. I was shocked and listened in disbelief.

Her Supreme Lord felt she was not doing her job, despite her 8 year stint in this role.

I felt sad as I know how stressful my work has been and expectations to perform is high.

This peer has copied off alot of my work so that she need not put effort in it. I did not mind as I was always happy to share. But after this episode, I found out that she was also quietly taking my memos through Ms Feisty and passing off as her own too.

I felt sad as no one counselled nor spoke to her about her shortcomings but held it for 8 years to boot her out.

It would have been nice if Supreme Lord pointed out her errors in ways and gave her a chance to improve.

I gave her an hour to pour out her woes and felt sad as she bawled her eyes out.

It could have been me or anyone to be in this person’s shoes as some Lords are too chicken shit to correct people but so brave to give the boot!

In my work as minion hood, I am expected to be a strategist, a cleaner on aisle 3 or whenever shit hits the fan, sack or hire minions, do what others don’t want to do and everything else under the sun.

Minions are not paid handsomely but are expected to perform the tasks of 3 manpower.

Minions must be zen, earnest to learn.

Minions must be cool, calm and collected.

This is the new economy as minions are plentiful and jobs not so plentiful unless one is prepared to work as a supermarket check out girl or stockist.

A wisdom quote!

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