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More Halloween Laughs

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So It’s Halloween…Happy Halloween Folks!

Brooming without giving right of way
Wifey is not amused!

Laughter Keeps Me Going

I need to laugh as I have way too much weighing on my shoulders.

No wonders lawyers make a lot in defending the guilty or innocent as the law is how you interpret it.

Ha!! I never knew this till now haha!

Smart kid!

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A Fun Lesson In Singlish By Singaporeans

Singaporeans are a creative lot and the way we massacre English, will make the Queen of England roll her eyes!

All of us are schooled in proper English – the Queen’s standard of English as we were previously under the British Crown Colony. But in our course of daily living, this is how we use English.


“Is there any noodles left for dinner?”

Singlish Answer:

“Have! Have! Enough! Enough!”

Expressions Of Exasperation:

“Come on lah!”

Use your brain mah! [We love to add the intonations at the end of the sentence. Lahs, Mehs, Loh….so much so that one of our big four bank decided to name their payment app as PAYLAH.]

Instead of asking if something can be done, it is asked in Singlish as “CAN OR NOT?”

Asking someone if something has been paid?

Answer is “Paid liao!”

Asking how are you and the Singlish reply would be, “Ok LAH! So busy. No time to even take toilet break!”

OR another reply is, “OK LAH, still alive!”

I remember how a colleague wanted his staff to return to the office as he omitted to pass a document for the said staff to drop off to a client: Come back! Come back! Left out item!

Questioning how a staff did something wrong, “Why you do like that? Wrong leh! Jiat lat”

“Jiat lat” is defined as something terribly wrong and the consequences that will come with it.

Expressing something as tasting delicious or something is enjoyable to do, then the expression to use in Singlish is “Shiok.”

Singlish is fun but it does not mean that we as minions in jobs use it in written format.

Singlish is used as if like “letting down the hair”

Professionals alike, we will chat in Singlish to have a laugh or poke at ourselves.

So much so that the expatriate community also jumps in to use it and it is so fun hearing them using Singlish.

I hope Geoff Stamper will enjoy this as his comment prompted me to write this post. His wordpress site is and he writes a lot of fun posts that I always enjoy reading. Do pop by his site and have a good chuckle.


My Challenges Never Cease To Amaze Me

A routine health screen has returned with mailed results that say, changes were noticed and that I was required to be at the National Cancer Center. I was to be there within 2 weeks of the letter.

Hmm….changes? Am I morphing into a Vampire or an Alien? Is this timely for Halloween since today everyone in USA celebrates Halloween!

Scared? A little bit but I am resigned to fate and if it means more surgeries, then what can I do?

I cannot protest.

I can only hope it is a normal abnormal change and that I need not undergo a slew of treatments or whatever.

I also have noticed that my autoimmune disease is progressing…It seems now I have difficulty swallowing food. I almost choked to death some nights back when I was taking my meds and found the meds stuck to the lining of my throat. Water did not dislodge it, despite me trying hard to wash it down. I had to let the meds dissolve on its own and it was very very uncomfortable as the bitterness of the meds alongside with the constant coughing and discomfort was there.

So, does it mean that my salivary glands are completely shot! I knew some of the salivary glands were not working but this is, I think the biggest of it all as it is for the throat!

I know I have been very stressed of late, dealing with issues of my parents.

Mum had her 2nd covid jab and thankfully it was non-eventful, unlike the first one that drove her blood pressure sky high. The moronic doctor whom I had to drag out to the covid-19 injection room by his feet was a royal pain in the incompetent zone. He did not agree with me that the cause of the high BP was due to covax. He does not understand correlation and observation. Instead he rail roaded me with his medical diagnosis of my mum have both kidney and heart failures!

Silly asinine twit really. My mum is fine. At least till when Pfizer Covax coursed through her and the results were immediate with 5 minutes of that 30 minute observation.

I was so cross that I gave my views to the relevant people and suddenly everyone realises there is a problem there!

So, what’s next is that I will have to try and find time to see the oncologist and do more tests to determine if I am going to be at death’s door or what’s next?!

I have a chockful schedule with medical appointments for both my parents and I have to try and eke to face my own issues.

I wonder if it will all be just a scare and that I am fine?

I can only pray.

If it is proven a genuine case then I need to face it and overcome or succumb as they say. Heads or tails?

Who wins?

Who loses?

Only Grim Reaper knows if I am on his list.

Garrrrrfield where are you????? I need a hug!


Duck Feet Pattern On Wet Cement

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Smart Parenting Skills

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Do You See It? If You Do, Reply Haha!


CSI Verdict – The Duck Did It

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A kindergarten class had a homework assignment to find out
something exciting and relate it to the class the next day. When the time came to present what they’d found, the first little boy the teacher called on walked up to the front of the class, and with a piece of chalk, made a small white dot on the blackboard and sat back down.

Puzzled, the teacher asked him what it was.

"It's a period," he replied.

"I can see that," said the teacher, "but what is so exciting about a period?"

Darned if I know," he said, "but this morning my sister was missing one.

Mommy fainted, daddy had a heart attack and the boy next door joined the Navy."

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