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Lil Johnny’s Moral Of The Story

A 4th grade teacher is addressing her class and says:

Does anyone have a story with a moral to it?

Little Johnny raises his hand and the teacher says what’s your story?

Johnny says my aunt Carol was a fighter pilot in Iraq and got shot down. As she was parachuting down, all she had on her was a fifth of whiskey, a knife and a 9 mm pistol.

So she guzzled the fifth and when she landed pulled out the 9mm and killed 15 insurgents, threw down the gun and pulled the knife and killed 10 more as she made her way to safety.

The teacher said that is an amazing story but what’s the moral?

And Johnny says, the moral is, don’t f#@k with aunt Carol when she’s drinking!


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Ground Coverings

In Lil Red Dot, we have a greening policy since the days of our founding Prime Minister, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. From him, the legacy of trees on road dividers, sidewalks or ground coverings, contribute towards Lil Red Dot’s label as Greet City!

Recently, I noticed that besides greening the city, NParks (they are the people who plants and maintains the greenery in Lil Red Dot) have decided to plant more shrubs that flowers.

Below is a ground covering widely planted in estates to provide some color as well as easier maintenance. Sadly the grounds keeper would just turn the whirly blades on it to trim and off goes the heads of tiny daisies as I call them. I do not know their actual botanical name!

I truly try planting stuff to green my pigeon hole and trust me, I do not have green thumbs but thumbs of death that kills the plant as fast as it comes! I am not endowed with all things planting! But hey, I can appreciate them! 🙂

I do like using my camera phone to capture these as these are to me, intricate small blooms and brilliant yellow and I do love yellow – as in Sunflowers too!

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