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Nativity Scenes Never Seen Or Noticed

on December 8, 2021

2 responses to “Nativity Scenes Never Seen Or Noticed

  1. Kris says:

    Had a cat who used to play with the stuffed baby Jesus in the stuffed nativity (it looks quite a bit like a tiny pillow) and just noticed today that the nativity on the desk (I have several nativity sets) was added to by Little Bear. When he butchered rabbits, he saved out a skull so he could see what they are supposed to look like. My sister called ages ago to ask a rabbit tooth question, so the skull was found to answer the question. It was never put away and that skull is now sitting staring at the nativity next to the wise men. The skull is bigger than their camel, because it is a small set, so it is definitely startling!!!

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